Ways to Give Two Weeks Notice at Work

One of the most liberating experiences of your life is when you quit your job. You need to keep in mind that you might hate your job and it might seem very bad to you but then when you quit it, you need to be very graceful. After you have worked there for sometimes and you need to act like you're thankful for it. You have to be very civil when you leave your job. You can't leave a job with a bad impression, and then you won't get a good recommendation.

Now when you tell your former employer about why you will be leaving your job, you have to make sure that you are honest enough but then along with honesty you will even need tactfulness. You also need to make sure that you are cordial enough with your boss. You can be rude since you are the one who is quitting the job.

You will find that there are many companies which are present where you will have to give an exit notice and you might even have to go for interviews for exiting. If you don't do this you don't get your accrued benefits like various vacations and so on. You will also find many companies which have policies which state that if you don't give a proper notice you will not be re hired even if you apply for the job in the future. So make sure that you give two weeks notice.

Make sure that you don't dump all of the work you have left on your co workers when you are leaving a job. You don't want to stain your last impression. So make sure that you wrap up whatever work that you do. You do not want a have a last memory as a bitter one. If you have a bitter memory with everyone then when you ask them for a referral then they will not give you a good one. So don't leave making enemies.

When you leave make sure that everyone knows where the things are kept. You even have to train some of your co workers in the tasks which are necessary. Also this documentation will be appreciated by all of your co workers. Now you even have to tell people why you left.

If you help a high position then people are going to think that the ship is sinking which is why you are leaving and hence they will start leaving as well. Also when you are leaving a job make sure that when you leave you are friendly and that you smile. After all you're the one who has gotten a good job and they're the ones stuck there so make sure that you are friendly.