Friday, July 30, 2010

Difficult Career Choices

When most employees join to work for an organization, they always know they have to emulate their managers whom they believe to be too talented in enriching their career basics and sometimes over qualified for their positions. The hardest career basics element will knock on your door soon after the manager whom all of your time, have trusted leaves the department. He may have been offered an impressive salary package and a challenging new career. Apart from that, e may have been given a mandate to hire whoever he chooses for his department. Now the big question comes when you are approached what would you do?

1. If you decide to accept the offer in order to enrich your career basics
If for any chance, you decide to accept the new position, you must be prepared to accept the new challenges that come with the new position and accepting a new position must be understood that it happens every single day. However it is important that you provide a proper notice to the human resource and under the circumstances give an explanation for moving departments. It is more important that you carefully read your contract for any aspects which legally may put your decision in jeopardy.

The job may be secure at the moment but polishing your resume is important in mantaining other essential career basics for better caree pay just incase. Remember that the new job might be perfect for your boss, but there's no guarantee it's going to be a good fit for you.

2. If you decide not to accept the offer and limit your career basics like skills

Accepting the status quo may in other way be very challenging in your case since it will be like telling your former boss that you were not satisfied with their leadership. Also consideration should be applied to the fact that your former boss may take it personal and henceforth affect your current status. What is recommended is a polite declination for this aspect and provide a valid reason why.

Sometimes it happens in a friendlier mood on the part of your boss that declining at that moment would not have such a big impact to your career choice, regardless of whether you accept the new position or opt to remain where you are, and it's always in your best interest to remain focused.
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Online Marketing

Thursday, July 29, 2010


There are many people who are unemployed just like population increases and so unemployment does. The unemployment rates continue to soar, and prospects seem pretty distressing, however this should not be the case since population growth should be catered for, while these unemployment rates reflect a downsizing job market strategies should be established by respective institutions to safeguard interests of the vast job seekers. One would quickly forward a retirement issue but we must remember that retirees are opting out to enjoy life while they can, and relatively there are many job seekers looking for work not by choice.

The big question now comes to online job search. Considering job application processes, online job search is perceived to assist during the job search process for instance it is easier nowadays to prepare job resumes online using available resume building tools on selected job sites. Not forgetting, online resumes can be posted online very quickly through electronic mails at a speed close to real time. These will save commuter time to deliver resumes and applications to respective employers.

Online job search has brought employers more close to prospective job seekers, there are job search sites which allow employers to log into the job seekers databases and select from the posted resumes qualified job seekers to fill vacant positions in their organizations. This job search sites will also present jobseekers with relevant advice needed to secure certain professions including courses to study.

It becomes more difficult for the job seekers to identify reliable and suitable job search sites ranging from paid and free sites for their online job search needs. However the most ideal element to put in consideration includes popularity of the site just to make sure it is worth.

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Tebiventures, Computer Operators in Kenya

Job seekers be aware this is a scam tebiventures never exists, I’ve seen this job advert with the following specifications, Required: KCSE C- with Computer literacy especially Ms Office. A business related Certificate or Diploma will be an absolute advantage and guess what they are offering 46,000 as career pay per month give me a break, consider other career basics.
The job location is said to be in Mombasa Kenya and you are required to start soon after interview surely who can buy that. And imagine having an option of your residence? What I’m trying to say is that please don’t fall for them you deserve better, and not forgetting look at their email one would wonder if really they had some sense before advertising this job?
A wake up call to job seekers; Are you looking for a job? Before you start your search for jobs it is very important to make sure that you do apply for genuine jobs especially online.
It is clear that many Kenyans are jobless hence desperation in looking for career basics opportunities especially from the known jobs search sites. But who could be aware that some people may use desperation of fellow Kenyans and advertise fake jobs that really don’t exist? If I don’t write a bout these people then I will surely be deceiving my readers.
Probably out of ten Kenyan jobseekers, one of them must or will fall a victim of job scammers. However there may be indications of these job scammers in their job adverts, but desperate Kenyans would still go on and try applying jobs for their non existing organizations only to be robbed of their hard earned money either as interview fee or medical fee so they say.
I know the pain and reality that comes with these scammers but just to provide you with tips of bursting job scammers;
1. Email
Normally established organizations will have paid email addresses like, and not free emails that come with Google or Yahoo accounts. Like or
2. Already stated huge career pay on the job advert. It is true that some genuine organizations indicates career pay on their job openings but hey just be cautious if you do not know of that company. Job seekers be aware of necessary career basics to avoid this job scams.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Career Pay

One would question the reason a person gets a poor career pay for the similar job another person is doing with same career basics regardless of age, but sometimes age may be a big factor in this determination especially for a first sight job, and why some professions are less paid than others?

However it may seem easier to provide an answer for career pay variance, but your pay depends on "what do you know" and "how do you do it". Of course, you may earn enough with a shop-assistant position, but do you want more?

It is obvious that a better career pay would do the magic for your needs. But you will need in the first place to define what skills a good job requires and learn them properly. One would point out quickly that some careers have technical requirements that generally requires more energy and determination to master, but ask yourself if a career pay is of that importance and if someone else did it why not you., do not be afraid if it will be hard to train this skill. The harder the skill-the more money you will get for it.

From this article, you will see the best answer for your career basics on career pay for example.
1.Why would an individual work for almost twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, this is because a hard working employee who is reliable and resourceful gets more money than a slack? Hence a good career pay.

2. Ask yourself why the human resource asked a bout your previous job requirements during your job interview rather than commenting you on the new dress you bought specially for the interview. That’s because your skills will eventually determine your job performance and possibly career pay.

3. Ask why doctors and pilots earn more than drivers. Why are they better? (Because it takes much time for doctors to pass all the necessary courses and schools to became good specialists.

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Career Exploration

In the current job market, there several fields available for the job seekers to choose from. However this could be as serious as choosing a life partner because believe it or not different career basics fields will surely shape your future to different directions respectively.
There are known factors that one may use to select a career field, and one of the mistakes most young professionals do is comparing payments in terms of salary that greatly vary from one career to the other.
Career exploration is one of the main and most successful ways in determining the best career that would suite your peace of mind, be it in terms of income and specialties.
The harsh reality is that there are fewer jobs than qualified people and most of the job seekers know that in their career basics, that is the way things will be for a very long time possibly forever. However, that, by no means should not be the reason to chase additional skills blindly, yet that seems to be the way things are headed in the rush for more academic papers, making it easy for training institutions to take short cuts.
Career exploration is good, but it should be done professionally considering all aspects related to the job seeker. There are those individuals who develop certain interests at very early stages in their lives but few of those live to accomplish those dreams. Guardians’ role in shaping the future of their dependants is vital but should not be final. An individual should be given enough space to explore different careers and without any duress decide on what best suites them.
Talents are the most influential ways in determining career futures of individuals, like you do not expect an athletics talented person to train as an engineer when there are sporting career courses available at his or her disposal.
Career exploration as from the above statement therefore goes hand in hand with talent exploration and whichever career chosen, should be loved, appreciated and done whole heartedly.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Importance of Career Personality

Is career personality of such necessity among career basics when looking for a career? Definitely yes and this are some of the issues which are frequently ignored by job seekers and those who already are employed. However it is clear that different careers demand for a certain conduct ranging from the contact of Top management to their subordinates.
You may not imagine managers and subordinates relationships extending to social networks like face book. You may be feeling important that the big boss has finally approved your request on face book, the internet social site, but consider its implication to your career basics. You may have just laid yourself bare by giving him access to your wall.
Wile you may want to play a conservative participant, where you remain cautious on what debate to indulge in and what rants you post, what if one of your other friends carelessly posted on your wall.
You may hate to hear this but by requesting your boss to be friends on social network like face book, just gives your boss access to your personality gauging from your posts to those posted by your friends on face book.
This could just be one way that your boss will use in evaluating your performance or consideration for a job promotion. And as expected it could have more of negative impact than positive.
Every one of us has a personality rated in his career basics, and different environments demand for different personality just like a career personality would demand for a more professional approach to issues. As stated above of social network posts, if you make a stupid comment it could be interpreted as a general representation of your character even at the work place hence harmful to your career basics.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Career Rivalry and Competitions

There are several occurrences at the work place when some of the colleagues feel threatened by you but also it is not uncommon for junior staffers to think they can do the CEO’s job for half of half the career pay, or if you like a quarter the salary. Indeed very harmful to their career basics.
The ‘boss’ just signs the papers, talks endlessly on the phone, issues directives, picks up his entertainment allowance every Friday and goes off to play golf. This is the assumption many junior staff imagine of. What the junior staff lacks to understand is what is expected and the roles of the senior managers.
Working environments can be challenging starting with the colleagues and qualifications one has in anticipation for a promotion in future to build necessary career basics. There are situations where employees seek further education qualifications that may qualify them either for a salary increment or job promotion.
However good it may seem for one to advance in a career, there are several ups and downs that are likely to come on the way. These downs may include plots from other employees to frustrate your efforts due to insecurity.
I have seen cases where colleagues use different means to frustrate others like complaining to their superior or setting up traps so that the other employee is seen as a poor performer. This could have a major impact on the overall organizations performance at their career basics expense. Senior management must therefore keep in mind of such jealous schemes from junior staff to enhance a fair playing field so that ones efforts are not compromised by others plots.
One way the management can avoid such unnecessary competition among junior employees is by setting up clear structures for promotions and also have a continuity of study program.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basic Salary Offers Negotiations

Ideally every employer would gauge the keenness of a candidate to join the company on almost all aspects that are deemed of necessity to him. This should not be difficult to accept because dedication is an attribute the employer all over look for.
I am not sure of your professional background is, but I know that professionals in sales and marketing are often tempted to use negotiations on salary offers as a strategy when discussing the job offers.
Depending on the tone and language you use, a most damaging message that such revelation could convey at salary negotiations stage is that you are ‘take it or leave it’ kind of job candidate.
The prospective employer normally would get the impression that you don’t necessarily need the job. And thus declaring alternative career pursuits may negate the impression you may have created about the real reason for showing interest in the job.
For this reason, I hardly think that it would be prudent to talk about alternative job offers as a way of bargaining for a better salary scale.
If you have to for any specific reason, do so when declining the offer, and express humbly on the basis of your expectation, don’t name the alternative employer lest the prospect employers gets the impression you are trying to intimidate or mock them. You may also create the impression that you’ve only been having fun showing up for the interview.
Salary negotiations should be paged on market standards and experience and not on alternative offers. Therefore it is imperative that you invest in more information on the other market rates. This is what should influence the range within which you should always negotiate.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Are The Ways In Which You Can Make Stress Work For You?

By Jacky Grishan

We all get stressed at some point of time in our lives or the other. But, if only we were to stop and think of how to go about and handle it, we would be able to come out winners. We can then go on to have control over it rather than the other way round.

There are certain steps that you can adopt in order to go ahead and break the troublesome worrying pattern so as to minimize the impact of stress on you. What you need to do is to get a control over the worrying pattern that you might have formed subconsciously without being aware of it. That is what you need to break first. This can be done by looking for advice, spending quality time with your friends and relatives, throwing a party.

Move away from the worrisome thoughts and replace them with good ones. Take yourself away from the situation for a few hours. You could go shopping which will enable stress to ease away. What that means is that you will be able choose from the best of Prada replica handbags to make you feel elevated. This will give you great pleasure. You can buy yourself a fabulous handbag so that you can have that euphoric feeling every single day that only these hand bags can draw the attention they do.

Segregate the things that you can work on and are under your control . The things that are not under your control you will learn to let go off and not worry about them. Worrying about these things is going to be not worthwhile at all. On the other hand, things that you can control you can devise a plan for them. This will enable you to be able to make sure that you have a plan handy to be able to deal with them when the situation arises.

When you are able to get an upper hand over stress you will be able to keep yourself healthy and not from worrying.. All that you need to do is to bring about a great stress free life. This will have a whole lot of beneficial impact on your health too.Browse through magazines, arts, fashion, go for a spa treatment, get your nails or hair done.

About the Author:
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mobile Technology Create’s Jobs in Kenya

The mobile phone sector particularly in Kenya is an impressive story of its innovative use. Most importantly in the money transfer sector where Kenyans can now conveniently pay for their utility bills using the mobile phone. Apart from this, it’s also in use in the media platform for relaying quick news and the latest at the moment is that subscribers can withdraw money from their bank accounts using the mobile phone handsets.
Clearly the application of the mobile phone is a growing area that can’t be taken for granted any more especially considering its effect to job seekers career basics. Apart from creation of employment in the money transfer sector like mpesa or zap, there is generally of ready demand for repair of this mobile phones which technically oriented students may what to pay a closer attention given the growth potential of the industry.
The various applications of the mobile phones has created anew platform for software development and maintenance. How about taking a course in the growing sector?
For every one computer owned in Kenya, there are 14 mobile phone handsets in the hands of consumers. Most universities approach on training students nowadays is the mode of instruction is hands on, aimed at giving the students experience to enable them create application packages for use with locally available mobile phones.
They prefer that they spent time in their college laboratory to perfect their projects and make sure that they can work since manufacturers are likely to buy some of these packages for commercial purposes. The consumer based packages include SMS scheduler, that decides when to send a message and to whom. Others created include those that help women track their reproductive health patterns. Many of these graduates have been sought to work in local telecommunication firms therefore enhancing their career basics.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A nother scam bursted. For the sake of your career basics, DON'T SEND YOUR HARD EARNED CASH.
Read their invitation letter here;
Dear Applicants,
I am glad to inform you that you have been shortlisted to appear for
interviews on the above named post,on 13th January 2010 at 10am in
the morning.Discussion for the interview will dwell on
salary,duties,benefits,medical test which will be done at M.P.Shah
hospital.Interviews will be conducted at our head offices located on
Mombasa road opposite kapa oil refineries limited.You are
required to send ksh 200 which will be part of the medical fee to
mpesa no 0717598927 by 6th or 7th January 2010 ,we are conducting the
medical test on a cost sharing basis thats why you are required to
send the cash and also you will be issued with a medical test if you
require.All unsuccessfull applicants who dont require the certificate
will be refunded their cash on the spot.All applicants who will have
send their cash will be required to assemble at our premises for
onward transportation to M.P.Shah hospital for the test before the
interview.Transport will be provided free to and from the hospital.If
you are selected you will be required to start working as from early
February 2010.Carry all your documents during the interview please.
Yours Faithfully
Baldev Singh
Managing Director/Chairman Recruitment Panel
Take Note That We Are Not Handling Any Cash At the Office.All cash should
be sent strictly by Mpesa.Recipient for mpesa is our Financial Controller Mr
Vincent Ouma and not anybody else.
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technobiz technobiz - computer operator

Job Scams will never sieze,Thank fully career basics discovered them. For better career basics, always be cautious not to be swayed by their stated career pay as its not the only element in career basics. Here is their interview invitation letter.
P.O BOX 97105 - 80112


RE: INTERVIEW (Ref. no. C01)

Following your application,we are glad to inform you that you have been shortlisted as a computer operator and should appear in our offices at Reef house,off beach drive,UKUNDA/MOMBASA on JANUARY 30, 2010 at 11am.

When you come, bring the following with you;

-Original certificates and testimonials
-Your National ID card
-Two color passport size photos
-Your bus travel tickets (for refund of your travel expenses)

You are required to send an interview fee of Sh. 600 only in Bankers cheque PAYABLE TO ALPHA INITIATIVE, P.o Box 97105 - 80112, Mombasa.(attach your ID copy) so as to reach us not later than JANUARY 23rd, 2010.

NB. ALPHA INITIATIVE is our recruitment agency that will conduct the interview at our premises on the said date.

You are advised to send the cheque in a sealed envelope through POST OFFICE EXPRESS MAIL or ordinary mail. EMS and registered mail will not be accepted.

Please confirm your attendance by e-mail as soon as possible. (subject line-ATTENDANCE)

Looking forward to meeting you on that day.

Good career basics demand caution.
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Cotex Importers ltd

Another job scam revealed pliz dont fall a victim, Mind your career basics. Read the following invitation letter and as usual an mpesa account is hungry for your hard earned cash. Ignore the career pay offered since you have other career basics elements to worry about

Dear Applicants,
RE:Vacant Posts for Accounts clerk(3posts) and sales representatives(5 posts)
It is with great pleasure to inform you that your resume has been selected for the above named posts.
We are hereby glad to inform you that you have been shortlisted to appear for an interview scheduled to take place on Tuesday May 25th at
It is our policy to recruit fairly and justly that is why we have hired SEDGCO consultants Kenya Limited to conduct the interviews on our behalf.
Please note that interviews will be conducted regionally in selected regions so as to avoid inconveniences to applicants especially the unsuccessful ones.
Also note that written interviews will be taken to judge your eligibility in the posts advertised. The test will not be exams based on the curriculum but on the day to day tasks that the post involves. This will enable us chose the right candidates that will not require training as successful applicants will be required to work immediately as from 1st June.
Valid Certificates for the test taken will be issued by Sedgco consultants. These certificates may be used in future as they prove your eligibility and ability especially in this error when academic documents are being forged.
It is for that purpose that you will be required to send Ksh.425 by Mpesa to mobile phone number 0717-125 686 (George Okinda-Accountant)before Sunday may 23nd to enable us prepare for the interviews, please note that this cost is shared given that you will be given an eligible certificate and the interview will be brought closer to you. No cash should be handled by the sedgco staff as they are not authorized and unsuccessful candidates that will not need certificates will be refunded.
The interviews will run concurrently in the following locations/conference halls:
Kisumu-Imperial Hotel Nakuru-Chester Hotel Kakamega-Golf Hotel
Eldoret-Wagon Wheel Hotel Naivasha-Vantage Teachers College
Mombasa-Shanzu TTC Nairobi-Railway Training Institute
Applicants are asked to bring a copy of this letter and your Official documents including a copy of your ID.
We look forward to your cooperation.
Yours Faithfully
James Kiprotich Yegon
Managing Director
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Jupiter Consultants EA

Job seekers be aware not to fall victim of jupiter consultants.There is no such ompany and you have other career basics to worry about other than imaginable careers with unrealistic career pay tag. They will call you for an interview but one of their conditions is to send a cornish interview cost.Here is one of their job offer letters with their career basics offer;

Thank you for showing interest to work for Jupiter Consultants East Africa LTD.

I am glad to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the
interview scheduled for 10 a.m 25nd may 2010.

please note that we have contracted the Kenya manpower resources firm to carry out the interviews on our behalf. what has been agreed is that the cost of interviewing will be met by the candidates.

so if you come from Nairobi, you can pay the interview cost by personal; cash at their offices on the 2nd floor of Zain house, Mombasa road. if you are far, you can pay it through their number 0720 709 881 by mobile money transfer. the cost of the interview is Ksh. 250 per candidate. you have to pay the interview by Saturday, may 21st.

Please note that only registered candidates will be interviewed.

in case of anything, feel free to ask.

Good luck.

Raphael Mwachala,
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Thinking About Environmental Training Courses - An A-Z

By Jason Kendall

It is the use of tides or wind to deliver our daily energy needs that form 'Green Energy'. They are considered 'Green' because they are environmentally friendly. If we think of some of the older energy skills e.g. Wind Power, then in many ways we are going back in time. Overall, this is the method of using modern techniques to provide eco-efficiency and planet friendly options.

The range of renewable energy technologies utilised within the home environment includes both Solar Thermal, and Solar Water Heating Collectors. It is equipment such as Photovoltaic Panels (PV's) that develop electricity through suitable roof-panels. A further factor revolves around stoves and boilers - which are known as Biomass Energy. Of course, then there is the heating from the Sun - often just called Ground Source Heat Pumps. Considering items such as Wind Power and Hydro Turbines, we are finally getting to very old forms of energy production.

Thermal Solar Energy - This technology is based around two core types of system. As a first strategy, we have Solar Water Heating Collectors - which basically creates hot water from solar energy. Then we have the work of the Photovoltaic Heat Collectors, often called Solar Electrical Panels - which transform solar radiation into electricity. To get best results these panels need to be situated 30 degrees from the horizontal, on a south facing roof and obviously free from blockages such as trees and buildings.

As a result, Solar Water Power is often considered the most common form of Solar Energy in the UK. Solar Water heating systems are extremely important - and can provide over half of the hot water needs for houses within the UK. The typical cost for installation ranges from 500-1500 pounds for a DIY system, all the way through to 2-5k for a professional fit.

Biomass Energy and 'Energy Crops' - Historically, this has come from plants and animals, though nowadays this also includes new genetically engineered 'energy crops'. It is by using these materials in new ways to create energy that makes it so exciting. It is interesting to note that the UK has some of the largest quantities of Biomass material to generate electricity within Europe. Added to all this, is the lack of C02 produced as a by-product of the whole process. To that end, many wood crops come from sustainable sources (as one tree is felled, another is planted in its place; thus the new tree absorbs the CO2 produced during the heating process.)

Fast growing trees such as Willow and Poplar (under the banner of Short Rotation Coppice 'SRC') help to meet the need for 'Energy Crops' within the UK. Perennial grasses are also responsible for large quantities of dry matter. Whilst Agricultural and Municipal waste may be lesser known, they are essential to the whole process. Agricultural Waste is naturally formed as a by-product of conventional agricultural activity. Municipal Waste such as food or wood can also be utilised as a biomass product.

Geo-Thermal Energy Based Systems - Used in the generation of both warm water and electricity, this energy mainly comes from the Sun and heats the Earth. Using the ground temperature of around 12 degrees in the UK - we can both heat and cool buildings. Although heat pumps require energy to function, their rate of return is superb - being a four-fold benefit over the energy put in. This system can go even further - if energy efficient items such as wind turbines or solar electrical panels are used.

Wind Energy Programs: As an energy source, wind energy has to be one of the oldest forms of energy creation in history. Recently though, there has been the trend to generate energy and deliver this onto the local grid. To be fair, the UK has the highest level of wind generation within Europe. The fact remains that in the UK, there exists the ability to realise 10 percent of our electricity requirement from wind power - as opposed to the current value of just 1 percent. Although electricity is still being produced from between 2-10 p per kWh, it could be generated from as little as 2p per kWh. From this, the estimation of the cost recovery period is around 6-9 months overall.

Last of all there is Hydropower - an area of especial importance to the UK. Having said that, the art of using energy from moving water (just like wind power) is very traditional. Within the UK, this form of energy production is responsible for somewhere in the region of 2 percent of all electrical needs.

A hydropower system transforms the kinetic energy of the moving water into another type of energy by means of a turbine. Turbines use either a water drop (e.g. through a dam) or by a natural 'run of the river' - thereby having no water storage reservoir. A 'Micro-Hydro' system creates energy through the use of dams and sluices (that are no longer a part of the national distribution system.) Although a lesser known form of electricity output, this process could supply 200mW of UK demand. Installing systems like this could cost between 200 pounds and 3k per kW of energy created.

'Green Energy' is growing - mainly due to the demands of the Western World. The UK domestic market appears to be one of the core beneficiaries of this technology.

With the rise in demand for domestic installations, both Electricians and Plumbers are well placed to take advantage of this technology. With 'Green Energy' rising up the political agenda in Europe, a range of financial aids and grants are becoming available. Getting the right qualifications can often provide job security in a new field such as this. You could consider either plumbing or electrical training programs that highlight green installation.

About the Author:
Copyright Scott Edwards. Navigate to HERE or
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Tips On The Best Place To Find A Job

By Kent Simpson

If you are unemployed or caught in a job you absolutely despise, you may be wondering where is the best place to find a job.

Finding a job these days is not simple. With the state of the economy the way it is there are literally millions of unemployed looking for fewer jobs. A recent survey showed that you ought to anticipate to search one or two months for every $10,000 in income you need. So, a salary of $50,000 may need a five to ten month search. That's a lengthy time to go without a paycheck unless you have a nice nest egg.

The Internet is a Good Place to Start off.

Your original stop should be the clearinghouses of advantageous information. These sites offer constructive information and give links to other sites. Links are provided to seek job resources by state, industry, etc. A couple of examples are and

The giant job boards like are worth a try but it is no surprise that they have millions of resume's on file. Your resume may well be like a snowflake in an avalanche.

Lastly, there are the aggregator sites. On these sites, you type in a job title and search by state, zip code and other criteria. Job listings are displayed from individual companies from which you can drill down to the job requirements and in fact apply for the job. Some examples of these sites are and

Working From Home is Something You Ought to Consider.

If you have a computer and access to the internet, working from home is a viable option to finding a job. You have, no doubt, heard of the scores of scams in the work at home industry. One spectator estimated that the ratio of scams to legitimate jobs is 54 to 1! Consequently, you need to be careful in your search. You can check the Better Business Bureau guidelines at Scams notwithstanding, there are many legitimate work at home jobs such as outsourced call center jobs. If you have particular skills, you can link up as a freelancer for website design, computer programming, blog writing, article writing and others.

Working from home has numerous advantages and you may start to get an income relatively fast.

About the Author:
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

21st Century CNA Career Opportunities

By Michael Morales

The 21st Century is a very rewarding time to start a new career in nursing. Becoming a CNA may be the best decision you have made in your life. You will receive many benefits when you decide to become a CNA. The demand is very strong right now in the health care industry for Certified Nursing Assistants. There are always people needing health care in the world. Becoming a CNA is a very rewarding position that you will keep for life.

Certified Nursing Assistants duties consist of caring for people of all ages. There is a huge demand for CNA's to work with the elderly. Nursing homes and hospitals in every city are constantly hiring more help for their facilities. You may be required to do many things such as take a person's blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. Furthermore, you may be asked to bathe or change the person you are caring for. As a CNA, you may be required to monitor the patient's medical charts and diet as well. It is important that you are experienced in the field, including being advanced in proper First Aid and CPR training skills.

You must be able to relate with those that are less fortunate than yourself. You must also have patience and consider how your patient may be feeling. There will be times when you feel aggravated because the patient is not being very cooperative. You must put yourself in their position and try to realize how they feel. There will be times when you may feel as if you are not liked or wanted by your patient. Just try to remember, most likely the patient does not want to be there either. Compassion is a great quality to possess in the nursing field. If you feel you can handle these responsibilities, then a CNA position may be perfect for you.

If you are considering becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you first are required to have the proper education. The proper education usually consists of a high school diploma or GED. Furthermore, you will be required to get a Certified Nursing Certificate or higher to qualify. Most community colleges have courses you can take in order to become a CNA. You can continue your education and get an Associate's Degree for a CNA as well.

After your training is completed, you are ready to start your new career. Becoming a CNA offers many benefits, including a nice salary. A CNA who is just starting out can average $8 to $10 an hour. For experienced CNA's the salary can increase to as much as $20- $25 per hour. This is a great 21st Century career. It is rewarding financially as well as emotionally. Wages continue to rise as the demand increases. For a financially rewarding career, consider the nursing field.

There is always a shortage for this position in the health care industry, therefore there is not any better time that the present to consider a nursing career. With the many hospitals and nursing homes that are constantly accepting new hires, there is not any better time than the 21st Century to start you new nursing career.

About the Author:
Learn more about CNA Class and Physical Therapy Assistant
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Live-In Housekeepers: Keys To An Easier Life

By Alice Sy

There are definitely upsides to having live-in housekeepers at home. A lot of people have recognized the advantages of maintaining one; thus it is not surprising if everybody else would dream of affording the luxury of having a live-in housekeeper at home.

The sad truth, though, is that only a select group of people can afford to hire live-in housekeepers. For a great many of people, having a full time made is, indeed, a luxury. In fact, in plenty of countries abroad, particularly the United States, having a live-in housekeeper is very expensive.

If you have the budget for the services of a housekeeper, it is ideal that you have one. However, before you hire one, it is essential that you interview potential candidates for the position of live-in housekeepers first. Bear in mind that your housekeeper will be staying in your home all throughout the day, so you must find someone you can trust. Aside from the interview, you should also conduct a background check of your applicant.

When conducting your interview, ask them the length of time they have been in the housekeeping business, the employers they have dealt with, and the reasons why they have decided to change employers. Then, you should also clarify with them what you expect of them, and the salary and the benefits that you intend to give them.

You should also know how your applicants feel when it comes to doing household chores. Ask them how comfortable are they cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, and keeping the house in order. If they are honest in their answers, they should be able to look at you straight in the eye.

Another must-do is to have them fill out an application form where they can state their full name, address, contact number, social security number, and any other important details. Then you should also verify if they have a valid work visa.

It can be very stressful to go through all this process by yourself. If you have enough money to spend, you can employ the services of certain agencies to help you find live-in housekeepers. These agencies are usually equipped with materials and manpower, and they can even do the pre-screening and background checking of your applicants for you.

These guide questions may be simple, but they can help you a great deal in looking for the right live-in housekeepers to manage your home while you are at work.

About the Author:
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Effective Options For Executive Job Hunt

The world has become a global village. It is very easy to make use of executive job search solutions to find the right job.

There are numerous options available for exploiting your skills and earn more. Are you dissatisfied with your job because you have chosen the wrong sector or area of expertise? Why are you switching? However, if you are not satisfied with the sector you are working in, it is obvious that you should go in for a switch.

On the other hand, if it is only the job that is irritating you, you can change the job and get a better paying or more challenging job. If it is the former, you should search for what went wrong with the current job and find alternatives to exploit your skills better. Well, if you are not happy with your current nature of job, it is obvious that you will not succeed in it. The option of switching is not a matter of choice. Yet, there is no point in hoping that you have chosen the right sector when you know you have not. If you are not comfortable with your current work profile, it is obvious you should change for the better.

You can go in for a part time educational degree in any other field that you intend to specialize in. Well, go in for part time distance education or professional educational degree in the new field or area of expertise. If you find that the information you gain excites you, you have probably made the right decision.

This will help you present yourself with more confidence and will help you tackle hostile queries better. Once you have the clarity necessary to make the job switch, it is time to make use of executive job search options and get the best possible job. You can use online resources because it is convenient, profitable and very quick.

Take some time analyzing the various options available. Certain websites offer more chances to those, seeking executive job search within a specific area or sector. If you do not meet these requirements, it is obvious you are not going to get any responses. It will help you avoid wastage of time and money.

About the Author:
Visit this website as they look at executive job search in their radio talk show
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CPA Exam Basics

By Eric Anderson

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (UCPAE) is often referred to by this abbreviated title of "the CPA Exam." To become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you must pass the CPA Exam.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) constructed the exam to be rigorous enough to protect the public interest by ensuring that only very qualified people can become licensed as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) while encompassing a basic knowledge of a wide range of accounting subjects. Failure rate is high (54%).

While the test is written by the AICPA, it is given by Prometric at its 300+ testing centers in multiple cities within each of the 54 U.S. jurisdictions (the 50 U.S. states and four U.S. territories).

Since the test is exactly the same, you can sit for the exam at any location, even a Prometric test center outside the state in which you are approved to sit for the exam. Thus, if you are a college student from Rhode Island who meets the qualifications for the CPA Exam in Texas (where you were hired and will start after graduation), you can sit for the exam in Rhode Island. The scores are sent to Texas and then on to you. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements you must meet before you can sit for the exam. For more information, see "CPA Exam Application Process."

Prometric offers the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)'s Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam (CPA Exam) at certain of Prometric's test centers. The CPA Exam is given as a Computer-Based Test.

The CPA Exam has four parts: the Auditing and Attestation CPA Exam, the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) CPA Exam, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) CPA Exam, and Regulation (REG) CPA Exam. To prepare to pass, you can take an unlimited number of CPA Exam simulations at CPAexcel.

Prometric is a company which is hired by a variety of government and professional organizations to offer their certification exams at Prometric centers. Microsoft, a national veterinary association, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) all offer their certification exams through Prometric's test centers. Prometric has thousands of test centers around the world but only 300 of those in the United States offer the CPA Exam.

The AICPA writes the exam. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) maintains accurate databases of the requirements to sit for the exam as determined by the 54 jurisdictions* and the database of candidates for the CPA designation.

After your state/jurisdiction approves you to sit for the exam, NASBA sends you the Notice to Schedule (NTS) which allows you to register for one of the Prometric test center locations, and select a day and time to sit for the exam. After you sit for the exam, Prometric sends your test data to AICPA for scoring. AICPA sends the scores to NASBA which in turn distributes the information to the jurisdictions. Your jurisdiction will send you your score.

(*The 54 jurisdictions are the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.) In 2004, the CBT format replaced the paper and pencil format which was the traditional method for delivering the CPA Exam.

CBT is the only format in which the test is offered but if requested at the time of application, certain accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be made for specific candidates.

About the Author:
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Advantages Of Being Public - Advantage Taking Company Public

By James Scott

Are you taking your company public? Here is what you need to know. Disclosure Obligations: "If my company becomes "public," what are its disclosure obligations?"

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires a company to file certain periodic reports once its registration statement has been declared effective. This obligation continues indefinitely unless:

At the beginning of any subsequent fiscal year, the class of securities offered is held of record by less than 300 persons; or

At the beginning of any subsequent fiscal year (except the two fiscal years immediately succeeding the year the registration statement became effective), all securities offered are held of record by less than 500 persons and the issuer has had less than $5 million in total assets for each of its last three fiscal years.

In these cases, the reporting obligation may be suspended. Otherwise, a company must continuously disclose certain information about:

Its operations; Its officers, directors, and certain shareholders (including salary, various fringe benefits, and inside transactions between the company and management); The financial condition of the business (including audited financial statements by an independent certified public accountant); The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (or PCAOB) (sometimes called "Peekaboo") is a private-sector, non-profit corporation created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a 2002 United States federal law, to oversee the auditors of public companies. Its competitive position, material terms of certain contracts or lease agreements; acquisitions and mergers, creation of certain financial obligations, and material impairment of assets; unregistered sales of equity securities; changes in its accountant; and changes in its board of directors and management;

In addition, a company must promptly disclose to the public any information that would be considered important to its present or prospective stockholders.

All companies with total assets exceeding $5 million and a class of equity securities held by 500 or more persons are required by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to file the same supplementary, periodic, and current reports as noted above. Companies with these characteristics must also comply with the Commission's proxy rules if proxies are solicited from holders of its securities. In such a case, the company must furnish all shareholders proxy statements disclosing all material facts concerning matters on which they are being asked to vote. If the proxy solicitation by management relates to an annual meeting at which directors are to be elected, the Commission's proxy rules also require the company to furnish each shareholder an annual report disclosing certain information about the company, including audited financial statements for its latest fiscal year.


The Securities Act of 1933 provides several exemptions from the registration requirements; the most common are discussed below. Nonetheless, purchases or sales of securities (even in exempt transactions) are subject to the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws. This means that issuers are responsible for false or misleading statements (whether oral or written) which may be redressed through private or government legal action, including criminal sanctions. Also, if all conditions of the exemptions discussed below are not met, purchasers may seek to have their purchase price refunded. In addition, the fact that an offending may be exempt from certain provisions of the federal securities laws does not necessarily mean that it is exempt from the notice and filing obligations of various state laws.

About the Author:
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Career Skills necessary for Web Designer

The ways to develop skills useful for a profession of a web designer Those who have decided to become a web designer should be creative.It is obligatory to have a good knowledge of computers and different programs and software.At the same time, it is very hard.To start with, we would like to mention the meaning of the profession of a web designer.Students should look closer at it and be sure that they can learn to be creative.If a student made up his/her mind to become a web designer, he/she should not distract the attention and remain concentrated.

A web designer is a person responsible for web pages creation.We are sure that nature is the greatest inspirer.

Students should practice to develop the automatic skills in dealing with computers.Still, it is not really so.One may consider it as a very exciting and easy occupation.Concentration is another skill students should develop.Here is some specific information about the ways how to develop skills useful for a profession of a web designer.One should be very responsible if he/she chooses this profession.Students should search for inspiration anywhere, on the streets, in books, in news, while sleeping, etc.To crown it all, the profession of a web designer is very interesting, but at the same time very complicated.It is important to listen to some information for a long time and control emotions.Along with that, we shall mention some specific information about the skills every web designer should possess.Students should remember that their future career depends on the skills they develop now.Hypertext and hypermedia are the contents a web designer will have to work with.One would desire to draw his/her attention from the lecture for a couple of minutes.It is impossible to reject that the profession of a web master is impressive.
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Develop Your Career Studying for second Degree

One may think that it is too much to study for two degrees.It may be more interesting and exciting than it appears from the first sight.Such people are called eternal students, they enjoy the idea of studying forever.There are at least two ways out.Why should one study for a second degree?Because a person wants to get more money while getting a degree in related sciences.There are people who are not sure what to do when they have already received a degree.More and more people do not afraid of studying for a second and even for a third degree.Because the first profession is not satisfactory and one wants to work in absolutely different field.Still, such practice is rather widespread in the world.To cut it short, postgraduate studies become extremely popular in the modern world.Having graduated from a college, one may desire to upgrade his/her knowledge and receive a University degree.One may collect his/her will and get down to work.There are people who need to study all their life, they take a delight in going to lectures.It is prestigious to have two degrees.What should others do?What if one finds out that the years, spent on studying, seem wasted!It is great if one has chosen a profession and remains sure that it is what he/she wants to do all his/her life.

Otherwise, students may get down to studying, again.It is even more preferable to have two degrees as the specialists in two fields are valued more.Is it appropriate to study for a second degree?One may be bored without studying.It is significant to know that many people in the world have two or even three degrees and use the knowledge they get in their profession.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Construction career basics safety

When things go wrong around heavy machinery, tools and open spaces to a drop of several stories, they go very wrong.If you are currently taking your construction management degree or are considering doing so in the future, maintaining jobsite safety and ensuring that employees are adhering to the company set standards will be a large part of your job.It's an enormous job, and one of greatest importance.After you receive your construction management degree the workers will be looking to you to maintain the policies that ensure their safety every day.These regulations are in place to keep workers and the general public safe while a project is underway and given that the company in charge can be held liable if there is a lapse in safely procedures, they are held in very high regard.To stay current, you can always look in to a publication, handbook, or even electronic newsletter.With everything from crushing and twisting injuries to loss of limbs or even death are distinct possibilities on a poorly run job site.

These regulations and codes are always changing and being updated, so also staying up to date and being current is very important.There are also regulations and codes when it comes to construction administration.As the construction manager you won't be responsible for providing the actual first aid should it ever be needed; however, you must assure that the required first aid personal are on site and that proper safety procedures are always followed by all present at the job site.Most large corporations or management companies will provide quarterly or monthly meetings to review regulations and standards so that everyone, especially new employees, are on the same page.

Every construction site regardless, of how big or how small, whether private, government, or independent has a very strict set of safety guidelines that must be implemented and followed.
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Stay at Home Career basics

Many websites offer you reasonably priced options for training toward a work at home career.Did you know this work at home course is only six hours?They even guarantee your working from home will start for a Fortune 500 company in as little as 3 days after starting the course!One offers a work at home training course which can be completed in the comfort of your own home in as little as six hours.There are students who have reported earning as many as $75,000 for just a couple hundred hours or so of work.You don't have to be a stay at home mom or dad to have a stay at home job!Many jobs take less effort others take a little more, but be that as it may, the potential for income is enormous.

If you’ve ever entertained the notion of starting your own home based work business, or plan to work from home for a Fortune 500 company as a career, the way you prepare yourself for working at home may possibly be the determining factor for your work at home success or failure.Working from home is among the most up-to-the-minute and most desired career fields and yet most individuals still don't know that these positions exist or how to get them.

Immediately following the passing of your final exam you receive your certificate and you're rerady.The Best Kept Secret in This Economy Did you know there's a work from home training class you can take from the comfort of your home?Actually there are more Work From Home/Work at Home careers orHome-Based jobs out there than you'd ever be able to imagine.If you want to train at home, learn new, marketable skills, then get the best work from home job you never dreamed of and increase your income then go for it!Home-Based training courses and employment also known as, Work at Home/Train at Home Career Training is speedily taking it's place as the one sector of the job market performing with the greatest potential for being the new way of doing "business as usual" for the emerging US market.Of course it would!Stay at Home Careers Home-Based training courses and employment also known as, Work at Home/Train at Home Career Training is speedily taking it's place as the one sector of the job market performing with the greatest potential for being the new way of doing "business as usual" for the emerging US market.I'm sure you would agree specialized training could help to more thoroughly prepare you for participation in a work at home career?Did you know that you'll earn a certificate?During the course you are actually shown how to locate and apply to various Fortune 500 companies who are seeking individuals to do these work from home jobs.Did you know you could then begin a lucrative Work-at-Home Career for a Fortune 500 company in as little as 3 days?
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Multiple Vacancies-easy to Apply

This makes the search easy for both the multiple companies hiring the candidates for different profiles as well as for the users who are applying for any post.Now, candidates can easily get apt information about the multiple job vacancies online.One can easily fill in the details online as forms are easily available of different companies online for applying for any post.Thus, these online websites are of great benefit as during the mass recruitments, the companies make huge profit and hire the best among the candidates.Today the man is left with no choice but to have a good job in hand.So, required information can be taken form websites.Most importantly, people from different parts of India can be hired by companies as they too apply on these online websites.The applicants are also at ease as they too have a wider choice to make among different companies.Many online websites are available for the users that help in finding the decent job for the candidates.This information available online is of great help especially to the companies who are having mass recruitments.Thus, hiring and applying for multiple vacancies has become easy and less time consuming with the upcoming of such websites.Moreover, one can easily get the information about the age, qualification, experience, and even details regarding the salary expected can be shared online.Among the websites, free classifieds is user friendly as one can easily get the required details regarding any job online.

Therefore, in order to earn big one should have a good job in hand.By just sitting at home and tabbing on different websites, one can get the related information about a candidate who is willing to apply for job.This not only helps to search for the desired job but it also helps the candidate to apply online and get jobs easily as by applying online the resume is send to different companies online and these companies pick up the resume of the candidate from these online websites.

By applying online, one can get the related information about multiple companies hiring for the post and at the same time one can apply in different companies interested in hiring candidates.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interview Basics

You must not fear any interview as most of the times the members interviewing you would first make you comfortable and then start with the process.

The information in your curriculum vitae forms the basis for substantial number of questions, hence, it is suggested to fill the information in a well organized manner.Do not forget to mention any achievements or accolades in past, it might just comfort you as you can easily answerable questions on them.One of the most important interview advice is to project a confident persona and a go–getter attitude.Revision of the subject is a must to achieve this.In case, you are switching job then you should also prepare well for the reason to switch.And this is why almost all recruiters make it very stringent affair.

However, this can be achieved by thorough preparation and paying attention to details.Most of the interviewers are highly impressed with persons oozing out positive attitude.It can be the firm's area of business, its mode of operation and its history etc.You should be able to satisfy interviewer(s) on this qusetion.You are sure to get interview questions on it and answering smartly with accuracy will keep you in the good books of interviewer.The first step to face an interview starts with an exhaustive preparation of your domain of expertise.You must also provide correct information about hobby and just do not fill anything just for the sake of filling it because you can be taken off-guard in that case.Facing interviews and convincing the recruiters about your talent, is by no means a tough job.Interview is an inevitable process all of us have to face when we are searching for a job or switching it.Last but not the least; it pays if you have a prior preparation about the firm in which you intend to join.As a matter of fact, anyone giving you career advice would help you to prepare well for the interview as well.Most of the recruiters consider it as a very important step to judge a candidate's knowledge depth and character.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accounting Jobs Everywhere

By Eric Anderson

C Level While accounting will be a very fast growing sector at 22% from 2008-2018, the growth in jobs for CPAs is expected to be the sector's fastest growing niche. Since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that senior executives of a company (such as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer) take individual responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the corporate financial reports, it is likely that those who rise to C-level will have to have more familiarity with accounting than a manager's passing glance.

This opens a career path for accountants/CPAs into the CEO chair as well as the CFO chair. (Since the CEO is asked to sign the company's tax return, this is all the more reason for the person to be a CPA as well as a manager.)

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance While accounting will be a very fast growing sector at 22% from 2008-2018, the growth in jobs for CPAs is expected to be the sector's fastest growing niche. Prior to 2002, a multitude of corporate accounting scandals (e.g., Enron, Tyco International, Adelphia, Peregrine Systems and WorldCom) cost investors billions of dollars.

When the Sarbanes-Oxley Act passed in 2002, a new layer of accounting oversight was created to thwart the tide of corporate financial malfeasance. The act established new or enhanced standards for all US public company boards, management, and for public accounting firms. By creating a new public agency, the act created a number of jobs for accounting overseers, regulators, and inspectors. Further, the Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented the adoption of dozens of new rules to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Preventing Accounting Scandals Very strong growth (22%) in the number of accountants and auditor jobs (279,400 new jobs) is expected from 2008-2018. Within that group, CPAs should have the best prospects for employment with an expected growth rate faster than that for accountants.

Because of financial scandals, investors will be demanding increased accountability for protecting an organization's stakeholders. The need for these "accounting watchdogs" will spur job growth in the accounting sector.

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board While accounting will be a very fast growing sector at 22% from 2008-2018, the growth in jobs for CPAs is expected to be the sector's fastest growing niche. Passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

PCAOB will expand to hire more accountants and CPAs to provide independent oversight of public accounting firms which audit their corporate clients. The central oversight board will register auditors as well as setting up the procedural framework for compliance audits, inspections and policing conduct and quality control, and enforcing compliance with specific elements of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX Act).

More Laws = More Jobs Congress has never been at a loss for words...or legislation.

As more corporations cross the legal boundaries, more laws will be written to keep others from erring. Legislation, in this case, is like nail the barn door shut after the horse got out: yes, it keeps the others inside but you have to capture the one that got out!

Changes in laws regarding taxes, financial reporting standards, business investments, mergers and other financial matters will lead to an increased need for CPAs, accountants and auditors to police the situation.

Very strong growth (22%) is forecasted in the number of accounting jobs expected from 2008-2018. Within that group, CPAs have an expected growth rate faster than that for accountants; a growing niche is enforcing new laws which deal with financial compliance.

Economic Expansion Very strong growth (22%) is forecasted in the number of accountants and auditor jobs (279,400 new jobs) expected from 2008-2018. Within that group, CPAs should have the best prospects for employment with an expected growth rate faster than that for accountants.

This is expected because: IF the economy expands, the number of businesses will increase. New jobs will be created in accounting to set up the books, prepare taxes, and provide management advice. As these new businesses grow, the quantity and complexity of financial information reviewed by accountants and auditors on the costs, expenditures, taxes and corporate internal controls will increase as well.

As the globalization of business accelerates, there will be an increased demand for accounting expertise and services regarding international trade and accounting rules as well as international mergers and acquisitions.

Consulting While accounting will be a very fast growing sector at 22% from 2008-2018, the growth in jobs for CPAs is expected to be the sector's fastest growing niche.

Because the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act prohibits auditing companies from providing services such as consulting and management advice to their clients, it is expected that there will be job growth in accounting companies which provide consulting and other non-auditing advice to their clients.

Forensic Accounting in Criminal Justice Forensic accountants who detect illegal financial activity will be more in demand as the number of financial crimes increases.

The FBI employs over 1,400 accountants and CPAs who uncover crime with their calculators. As of May 21, 2010, the FBI website listed 11 open positions for forensic accountants.

Crimes such as embezzlement, bribery, and securities fraud by individuals, by corporations, and by organized crime networks are increasing. Computer technology has made these crimes even easier to commit and even harder to uncover. But the "good guys" have weapons as well: the development of new computer software and advanced electronic surveillance technology make detecting financial crimes easier, thereby increasing the likelihood of discovery, investigation, prosecution and conviction.

As the success rates of the "good guys" rise, the demand for forensic accountants will rise as well. Very strong growth (22%) is forecasted in the number of accounting jobs expected from 2008-2018. Within that group, CPAs have an expected growth rate faster than that for accountants; a growing niche is forensic accounting.


Since 2002, funding for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has nearly doubled, resulting in many more jobs for CPAs.

In Washington, D.C., the SEC hires CPAs who can censure or bar from practice stock brokers, advisors, or dealers through the * Division of Corporation Finance, * Division of Enforcement, * Office of the Chief Accountant.

In regional offices from Boston to LA, the SEC hires CPAs to examine financial statements in public filings, resolve controversial accounting issues, and in rule writing: * Division of Trading and Markets, * Division of Investment Management * Office of Compliance, Inspections and examinations.

The SEC hires experienced CPAs with three to eight years of public accounting experience in the securities industry in the areas of: * audit work involving SEC financial reporting * complex audits of multi-national corporations, or * mergers and acquisitions. Typically, new hires enter at the mid- and senior staff accountant positions in the SK-13 to 17 levels, with grade being based on graduate education and amount of relevant work experience.

About the Author:

colon cleanser


By Eric Anderson

IQEX is an acronym for the International Uniform Certified Public Accountant Qualification Examination and is sometimes referred to as The U.S. CPA Reciprocity Exam.

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) offers the IQEX to qualified international candidates each fall. If you are an internationally trained accountant, you may wish to sit for the IQEX exam and seek a reciprocal CPA designation, since the CPA is globally the most recognized accounting designation.

IQEX is designed to evaluate a canadates professional competence as delineated by the U.S. International Qualifications Appraisal Board. The board will evaluate your education, examination scores, and experience to determine if you meet requirements which are substantially equivalent to United States CPAs. The IQEX exam will test you on your knowledge of U.S. business law, professional standards, and U.S. taxation codes.

In a later article is a list of the international designations eligible for reciprocity. If you do not hold one of those, you can still apply through one of the 54 U.S. jurisdictions, pass the CPA exam, and become a CPA. IQEX

What is Reciprocity?

"Reciprocity," a term commonly used by professional and occupational licensing bodies in many countries, means mutual professional recognition. Two independent bodies guarantee each other's members certain commercial or professional privileges.

Reciprocity can be either absolute or conditional. Absolute reciprocity exists when two license-granting bodies enter into bilateral agreements recognizing each other's licenses in total, without requiring applicants from either jurisdiction to take additional tests or prove requirements have been met.

In conditional reciprocity, two license-granting bodies recognize each other's licenses only if some mutually agreed-on additional education, experience or examination requirements are satisfied. Internationally, reciprocity would recognize the license of a duly certified professional accountant from one county who seeks to practice in another.

Eligibility for the Test:

Detailed information about IQEX eligibility requirements and IQEX application materials are available from NASBA.

Eligibility International candidates are eligible to qualify as U.S. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) as long as they meet Board of Accountancy eligibility requirements in one of 54 U.S jurisdictions - the 50 states, District of Columbia , Puerto Rico , U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. (The 55th jurisdiction, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands , is not yet ready to accept CPA applicants.) International candidates must be prepared to take the Uniform CPA Examination in one of the 54 U.S. jurisdictions. (It is not offered anywhere else.) They must also be able to take the CPA Examination in English. (It is not available in any other language.) Qualifying through a board of accountancy is the ONLY route to the CPA designation. There is NO central professional body in the U.S. through which candidates may qualify as CPAs. Application: The application process is basically the same for U.S. and international candidates alike. Prospective candidates must select the U.S. jurisdiction to which they will apply, contact the Board of Accountancy (or its agent) in that jurisdiction to obtain application materials, submit completed applications and required fees as instructed, and once deemed qualified, schedule the examination. Any special requirements that international applicants must meet (such as arranging for an evaluation of their educational credentials by an agency approved by the board) are explained in accountancy board application instructions. Prospective candidates who are undecided about the jurisdiction to which they should apply may wish to review the requirements of several Boards of Accountancy before making their decisions. Contact information for all boards is available at NASBA.

Applying for the Test: Applying for IQEX (International Uniform Certified Public Accountant Qualification Examination) Reciprocity with: IQEX designed to facilitate the U.S. CPA qualification process for those accounting professionals from other countries whose professional bodies have entered into reciprocity agreements with the U.S. accounting profession. Such agreements are currently in effect with the following organizations:

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Instituto Mexicano De Contadores Publicos (IMCP) Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ICAI) Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) CPA Australia

You must apply no later than the end of July. The test may be taken at your convenience in September at a Prometric Center in Canada (most major cities) or the U.S. Upon passing, you will be eligible to join one of 42 State Boards as a CPA. It doesn't matter when you received your Canadian designation. There is virtually no testing of Accounting or Auditing. 80% of the material covers the basics of U.S. Tax, Law and CPA Ethics. As long as you are an original Canadian CA and a member in good standing of a Provincial Institute, your application will be accepted automatically, although it may take some time before you receive your Notice to Schedule. We strongly recommend that you start your studies as soon as possible to avoid the need to cram. Reasons to become a CPA 1. You may be living in the U.S. or may decide to move to the U.S. or to another jurisdiction where the CPA is more readily recognized than a CA. 2. You may have clients that are U.S. parents or subsidiaries of Canadian firms. 3. You may be employed, or decide to become employed by a U.S.-based entity (or a Canadian subsidiary) even if you don't relocate. Canadian History: Before 2009, IQEX was offered in October and November. Many CAs attended summer preparation courses to become acquainted with the required material. With the change to a September testing period, the window for "live" courses has shrunk dramatically. In many cases, previous courses offered too much information, because they were designed for both IQEX and the full 4- paper Uniform CPA exam that non-CAs must take. Now, our course developer Henry Zimmer has prepared a Comprehensive IQEX Self-Study Program that covers everything a Canadian CA needs to learn to successfully write the exam. All registrants will receive study notes written in an easy-to-follow conversational style that emphasize the most likely topics for examination. You will also receive a textbook which forms the basic core of Mr. Zimmer's notes and also contains over a thousand sample multiple choice questions with detailed solutions. Many of these questions are from old exams and the questions tend to be repeated from year-to-year. You will not need to refer to the text except to study those questions recommended in your notes. How to Apply You should access the NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website and review the material on IQEX. Our study materials include a summary of the major points. However, before you register with CPA-NOW, there are a few things you must know. 1. You may print a copy of the IQEX application form from the NASBA website and complete it manually. The fee to write IQEX is $845 U.S. payable by money order only and is to be mailed with your application. 2. You must obtain a Letter of Good Standing from your Provincial Institute. NASBA must receive it before you are granted permission to schedule your examination. To be eligible to write IQEX, your CICA experience requirement must have been completed. However, we have been informed verbally that NASBA will take a lenient position with regards to "new" CAs. You may request permission to write as long as you have passed the UFE and expect to have completed your term of service, with membership in your Provincial Institute granted before the grade release date in December. Contact NASBA by telephone or email to make these special arrangements. 3. The application deadline is the end of July although it is subject to change. The earlier you apply (and your Letter of Good Standing is submitted) the greater your chances are of securing the testing date you desire. Testing is administered at Prometric Centers in Canada and the U.S. A list of testing locations can be found at Prometric's website. Effective 2009, the examination is offered in September. Please be aware that each Prometric Center has a limited number of computers and they administer many different kinds of tests (eg. LSAT, MCAT etc.) simultaneously. The Test Itself: IQEX is a four-and-a-half hour examination. T The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the U.S. offers Canadian CAs a multiple-choice International Qualifying Examination (IQEX) consisting of 150 questions, all taken from previous Uniform CPA examinations. The IQEX Content Specifications Outline (CSO) listing examination topics is available from the AICPA. Click here to access. Review the Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) CSOs are definitions of the scope of examination sections. To prevent unwelcome surprises on the day of the examination, learn what subject matter comprises every section. Review the CSOs before you begin to study for the examination. Click here to view the CSOs (in effect until December 31, 2010). The new Content and Skill Specification Outlines (CSOs/SSOs) are available here (effective date: January 1, 2011).

IQEX Syllabus & Grading Subject Area Percentage of Exam Approximate Number of Questions Business Law 20% 30 Ethics 15% 23 Federal Taxation 43% 64 Recent Regulatory Issues 5% 7 Business Structure 10% 15 Miscellaneous Accounting Issues 2% 3 Accounting and Reporting for Governmental Entities and Non-Profit Organizations 5% 8 100% 150 Study Time Obviously, your study time will be dependent on whether you have prior knowledge of Business Law and/or U.S. Taxation. (Please note that IQEX only requires an entry-level knowledge of U.S. taxation matters. Accordingly, the CPA-NOW course is not designed to provide the expertise needed to handle "real-life" client situations. See FAQs for more details.) Assuming you have no prior knowledge about any of the topics in the IQEX Syllabus the following is an estimate of average time requirements after an initial run-through of the material: Subject Area Total Hours Business Law 20 Ethics 4 Federal Taxation 26 Recent Regulatory Issues 3 Business Structure 3 Miscellaneous Accounting Issues 2 Accounting and Reporting for Governmental Entities and Non-Profit Organizations 12* 70 * Based on past experience, Governmental Accounting is an area with which most Canadian CAs are unfamiliar. You may decide to reduce your time budget on this topic since you can expect it to comprise no more than 3% of IQEX. Instead, you may decide to devote an extra 6-8 hours to Business Law and/or Federal Taxation. (By way of contrast, you will find the Non-Profit issues very easy to grasp.)

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CPA Exam Prep Book And The CPA Test

By Eric Anderson

CPA Exam Review Book: The Uniform CPA Exam is a four part test which takes 14 hours to complete. The exam is given by a set of three organizations. Working together, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Prometric Testing Services, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) administer the Uniform CPA Exam for Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

Because the test is so long and complicated, there are a number of books which are available to assist you in studying for the CPA Exam.

1. Books which are part of a CPA Review Course. 2. Books which are not part of a CPA Review Course.

Selecting a CPA Exam Review Book should be based on these factors:

o How often is there a new edition and when the book is revised? CPAexcel brings out two printed editions of their CPA Review textbooks each year while Becker only brings out one edition per year. CPAexcel has an ongoing process of revising their online study texts (which are exact copies of their printed textbooks). As rules change or new information is available, CPAexcel's university professors write new content. New content is inserted into the online text within a few days of its being written and is highlighted in red so that you can find the information quickly. If you have already read that section, the new information is highlighted for your review and an email alert is sent to you. Prior to test day, you are emailed a reminder about the changed material so that you can review it.

Consider how quickly information changes. How up-to-date is your book?

o Don't get fooled by the publication date! According to editorial guidelines, any book published after September can have the next year's date on it, making it appear much more current than it actually is. Here is how to get a basic idea of how old a book is.

Take any book off your shelf. Open to the title page. Turn the title page and look at the back of it. This back side of the title page is called the verso, the left- handed page or the page of manuscript which is to be read second. AHA! You learned a new word! On the verso, you should see "Copyright (c) 2010" or whatever the date is. (Note: there won't be quotation marks around the words. This is simply for purposes of this passage.) That publication date means that this particular book was copyrighted (which occurs prior to the covers being put together) between September 2009 and August 2010. Caution: there a few publishers who are playing by a different set of rules and are actually marking books published as early as July as the next year!

A book published July 2010 might have a 2011 publication date but think about it: when was the book actually written? The author(s) have to write the material. The editor(s) edit the material. The production people set up the graphics and page layout. And then, the book is printed.

Even in the best of circumstances, this can take months.

So how old is your book? Know when the publisher goes to press and how often. A good publisher will tell you without you having to coerce the information out of them. A publisher who publishes only once per year may not make that information easily known.

o Who wrote the book? CPAexcel recruits professors who are actively teaching that specific topic. CPAexcel posts the biography of each author, video lecturer, and mentor on their website.

Wouldn't you like to know the credentials of the people writing your CPA review books?

Here are a few questions to ask:

Does the publisher tell you wrote the books? Can you easily find out the authors' credentials? If not, what is the publisher hiding? Are the authors teaching accounting or business ethics at a recognized university (such as the University of Texas) rather than a place you've never heard of (such as the fictional Whatsamatta U)? Google the university and make certain that the professor teaches there. Do these authors have recognition within their academic community? Does their biography list their publications or conferences at which they spoke? Are the authors specialists in this topic? It's wonderful to have a terrific author who writes intelligently but is this person an expert in this topic? Check their credentials. If the person has written on business ethics and teaches business ethics at Arizona State, then this person is credible as an author on business ethics but probably not on Slovakian Medieval History. Therefore, match the author to the section to verify their expertise.

o How is the book organized? CPAexcel's study texts are organized in Bite-Sized LessonsSM, which can be completed in about 30 minutes-study text, video lecture and diagnostic testing. In reading only 3 to 10 pages, you complete an entire lesson. By having short lessons, you retain more.

o Is the book supported by other study tools? CPAexcel offers an electronic test bank of 5,100 CPA Exam questions from past tests, video lectures by professors, online study groups, and a variety of diagnostic tests. Professor Mentoring can be added.

o Have the authors included every iota of information or weeded out what you won't see on the exam? There is nothing more frustrating than to spend your valuable time studying the machinations of the accounting of wacky widgets only to find that wacky widgets were not covered on the exam. There is enough available information on which subjects are tested that authors can delete what is not needed. This saves you time, consternation, and possibly a few gray hairs. Look for books which focus specifically on the exam, not the totality of CPA knowledge in the known universe. Look at online forums to see what others think of the materials.

o Does the book over prepare you? Because Wiley includes every iota of information, students on blogs have complained about being over prepared for the exam. The students were frustrated that they had spent time mastering information which was of no use to them on the exam.

o Does the book prepare you sufficiently to pass? CPAexcel students praise our books for preparing them for exactly what was on the exam and not wasting their time on minutiae.

o Is the book designed to be a stand-alone or is it one of a set of fully integrated study tools? At CPAexcel, the books are designed to support and be supported by the other study tools-diagnostic exams, professors' video lectures, flash cards, electronic test bank of 5,100 CPA Exam questions and mentoring by professors. At Wiley, the books are designed to stand-alone without any human interaction, whether it is professor mentoring or video lectures. It's just you and the book, day after day after day after day.

o Is the book interesting to read? Or is it as dull as reading a blog such as, "I'm going to have two boiled eggs, some carrots, a tomato, and a piece of cucumber for lunch now." It doesn't matter how inexpensive the book is if you are snoring and asleep long before Chapter 2. Unless you are using it as a less addictive alternative to copious amounts of sleeping pills

o Are you guided in your study or are you on your own? With CPAexcel, you have the other study tools which link together to support your learning: diagnostic tests alert you to the topics you need to study more, while the video lectures and the study text hone in on what you need to master. Using CPAexcel's Exam Planner, you can create a study plan which gives you specific goals in lesson completion which will keep you on target for your exam day. Your study plan can be adjusted at any time. With Wiley, you are completely on your own to make your own schedule. If you are very self-disciplined, you will be on target to sit for your exam. If not.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Software Engineering: Career Information

An estimate of 324,000 software engineers is expected to be added to the workforce in the next five year span of time.They are expected to work 40 hours a week but if there are deadlines employees are faced with overtime thus adding up to an average 50 hours of work per week.They create packaged software using programs like C, C++ and Java.A basic bachelor's degree is sufficient for entry level jobs but it has high credence when it is associated with other significant certification programs.

Although if you aim for managerial positions with substantial experience in hand in the high-level and competitive organizations, you are expected to have a masters degree in computer science.Advancing technology and constant growing influence of the digital technologies in our day-to-day life only goes to show how much impetus is put upon anyone who works in the development of software.These involve the use of applications and systems that make our computer work.Gradually, with substantial experience in hand, the growth curve takes you to positions like project managers, managers of information systems or chief information officers.Candidates must also possess skills sets like problem solving and analytical skills and communication skills along with being a good team player.Also candidates seeking for a Software Engineering jobs essential require internships and co-op programs added to their credit to be filtered out amongst the millions of candidates and be seen as someone possessing first-hand experience in practical applications of this field of study.Computer security has become prudent these days thus there is a constant requirement for software engineers with advanced degrees that may include mathematics and system design.There is much demand for various software applications and with ever-improving designs in technology a software engineer is required to be well updated with time on the changing trends in order to grow with the advancements made in the industry.It is expected that by 2018 there ought to be a 39% growth in the job prospects for software engineers.These are well segregated amongst application software engineers and system software engineers alike.The future prospects of this job profile are projected to be much higher than what it is today.Software engineers are the ones responsible to constantly design develop and update software programs to keep this technological growth on progressive ascent.The job of an IT professional or a software engineer has a huge spectrum of responsibilities that involves design, development, testing and troubleshooting.Team effort is significant for an individual who looks to grow in software companies.The entry level jobs are concerned with testing and verifying ongoing designs and as the employee earns more and more experience they are given the responsibility of designing and developing the software as a part of a professional team
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Work for Students

Pros and cons of becoming a tutor Tutoring has a lot of advantages.In order to get a sensible view of the opened up opportunities, young people need to research the existing labour market.It allows combining one's work with studies and is helpful for enhancing one's proficiency.In addition, being aimed at improving their living standards students might want too high salaries for their part-time working day.To begin with, the working schedule has to allow juggling one's work with studies.Having a profound knowledge of only one subject would be enough.Before becoming a tutor, one should think over the subject; the compensation for one's services; possible categories of customers.A person does not have to have only "A" grades in all subjects for tutoring others.On the condition that a student becomes a good tutor, it will help him/her to gain authority among one's peers.Students who are afraid of decreasing their learning achievements due to their part-time job might become tutors.The moral aspect might become a hindrance for choosing this occupation.In fact, some students might tutor others free of charge.Choice of a part-time job may become a real dilemma for students.At the same time students lack professional proficiency and need to find a job requiring minimal qualification.

By the way, senior students might easily tutor freshmen.Young people may have too many requirements for their vacancy.On the other hand, it will be helpful for raising one's awareness of certain issues as well.On the other hand, why should one waste one's personal time tutoring others in this era of market relations?It will help to combine the useful with the pleasing.On the one hand, students will get certain financial benefits