Wednesday, June 30, 2010

College Student career Cover Letter

I'm going to share a little of my experience job hunting as a student. I struggled a little at first but luckily I found a lot of good information that I want to share. When I was submitting my college student cover letter to potential employers I tried to come across as a professional. Even thought my resume didn't have an actual list of past employers related to the position I wanted. I knew what to present on my cover letter and what to stay away from.

If you're putting together a college student cover letter you should already have a resume put together. If you don't, get that done first, that's the best way I found to approach the letter. My letter would make reference to the resume so it helped me a lot to have the information I was going to present all written down and it just be a matter of presenting it with a well written letter.

As a student, I didn't have much to show for work history. I had a few part time jobs but none at the time I was sending my resume and cover letter. I was aware of this when I was writing my college student cover letter and even though the two jobs I had before weren't related to the position I was applying for, I put them down for reference and because they both involved the handling of money. Which I thought might help me come across as trust worthy.

I wrote a custom college student cover letter for every company that I applied too. On every letter I emphasized how punctual and responsible I was and made reference to my classes and attendance. I did this because I had read that one of the biggest problems employers have with students is the number of missed day and constant excuses for not showing up. I needed to paint a picture for them and I felt the best way to do this was by making reference to my attendance of classes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Common Interview Questions For the Upcoming Genetic Engineers

Genetic engineering is not a new term for the world now. This branch of science may be described as the process of manipulating a living gene to generate a desired outcome. It basically deals in RNA technology (cloning), Gene modification, Gene slicing, Tissue culture and Breeding. Genetics has a wide scope if terms of career. If you're all set for a professional interview in the Genetic industry, you need to cover these hot topics. These are the general questions asked by some interviewers.

Describe Klinefelter's syndrome?

It is a characteristic disorder in which the addition of an extra X sex chromosome (aneuploidy) takes place in the genetic makeup of an individual. The females possess an XXX chromosomal structure, while the males comprise XXY. This extra chromosome results in sexual deformity.

What do you mean by Parkinson's Disease?

It is a briefly described as the movement disorder. It results in the deformity of the central nervous system and habitually impairs the mental ability, motor skills, speech, and other functions of the sufferer.

How can you define 'Fruit fly Genetics'?

This field involves various techniques and experiments conducted on the fruit fly, to understand the genetic pattern of the fruit fly (Drosophila). It is the best organism to conduct a research on, for the genetic engineers.

Explain the concept behind Athletic genes.

Genes that are reported to affect the athletic performance of an individual are termed as the Athletic gene.

Explain gene doping.

The non-therapeutic utilization of genetic elements like the cells and the genes and the modulation of gene expression, in order to develop the athletic performance of a person is gene doping.

How can the genetic farming be advantageous for the farmers?

Genetic farming basically deals with the development of genetically modified seeds, plants and fertilizers in order to yield more harvest. It also involves the application of higher technology for improving the agricultural pattern. It simplifies the process of agriculture thereby resulting in the increase of profits.

Describe a few potential harms of genetic engineering?

The development of unsafe chemical products like insecticides, pesticide and various drugs, the involuntary elevation food toxicity levels due to the application of recent food preservation technology, environmental damage due to artificial breeding etc. are some of the visible negative effects of Genetics.

What are the characteristic traits of the stem cells?

Stem cells are the immature, embryonic cells found in the earlier stages of fetus development that are characterized by the capability to renew themselves in the process of mitotic cell division. After division, they can differentiate into a miscellaneous range of cells; in short they are totipotent cells.

What is sickle cell Anemia?

In this genetic disorder, the human RBCs loose their characteristic biconvex shape and distort to form a sickle like shape. This reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of these cells thereby, raising a fatal condition for the humans.

Including the above mentioned questions, you need to focus on the basic concepts of the RNA technology. So, these were the most frequently covered topics. Good luck for your interview!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding Career Information Online

With rising competition and plunging of skilled people in varied fields of career, it really becomes difficult for one to get jobs easily. Life has indeed become a race and if you cannot run fast and remain at least three or four hands ahead of them, you won't be able to sustain in an environment. Therefore you need to run really fast and remain ahead of others. One important feature of making shooting your career in the right path is to collect career information.

What is the best way to collect career information? Whatever means you choose to collect career information make sure that you do it quite fast. And the best mode to do that is to hit the online news/websites of career opportunities. The online sources can tell you about career opportunities fast and in seconds you received every information regarding the job, its qualification criteria, age limit, last date of application, and if there is any online mode of application as well as all other information related to the vacant position.

Finding career information online rather than other sources has another benefit. You get regular updates regarding the job and career frequently. If you subscribe, your mail will receive all the updates before anybody else and you could be at least faster than others in applying the career. Today which ever career you choose remember, your attitude of going for it fast too matters. [removed][removed]

It is a way to stay ahead of others. The faster you collect career information, the quicker you can apply for them. There are many jobs where the first applicants are entertained than those who apply late. Moreover acquiring faster career information also provides you the opportunity to choose from the lot. You have the sole right to your career options or go for those you have passion for!

Thus, if you are still lagging behind in searching career information, then it is time that you start seeking career information online.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips On Passing Employee Evaluation

Performance evaluation or employee evaluation is a way of checking in a company to see whether the concerned employee has been able to fulfill his goals. So it is often an unnerving situation which an employee has to face while his responsibility is under strict postmortem. It is a general suggestion for all those people, that it is best not to loose nerves and not to panic.

In fact, this is the perfect hour to promote your work, responsibility and yourself as a whole, without falling into the pit of office politics. In order to go about dealing with an employee evaluation, jot down all the work you have done in the company since the last checking, no matter how minute or unimportant it is. This list may be prepared by compiling information from your weekly reports, emails, files, presentations or other sources where detailed information of your work is maintained.

After preparing this primary report or list about your work all the year round, make a separate list of all those work that outstand the others, where you have received honor and success in particular, and those work which have a significance in your professional life.

Do not also forget to include in this list, the times and hours which were not that good for the company and your contribution at that time. In other words what you did to save the company from such a crisis situation. Then, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. This should be an honest attempt to assess yourself.

Start with the weakness that your supervisor has pointed out about you in the preceding term. If you are well aware of all your strengths and weaknesses then none of the comments made by your boss will come as a shock or a surprise. By adding your strengths to you recent achievements, you will be able to give a clear picture of how important a part you are in the company.

And by listing your weaknesses you will be able to give your boss an idea that you are clear about your weak points and hence will be easier for you to improve them. And hence you will also be able to say them that you have the capacity and the mental stamina to deal with constructive criticism and looks forward to professional growth.

If your boss asks you to rate yourself on certain qualities of yours, be honest and candid. Do not go on giving the same ratings over and over again. Give the point to yourself which your boss wants to give you. Here you need to be a good reader of minds. If you are asked to give them an idea of you're your future plans are, do not speak of ideas and plans which are appealing to the ear, but are impossible to fulfill.

Be practical. Tell them about your actual plans and ideas which you intend to ‘complete' by the end of the next term.

Good Portfolio is a must in career development

Portfolio is the essential investment in the modeling industry which has to be very perfect and professional one. If you say that creating portfolio is a very tedious process and many will accept to the concept. It is because every one in the fashion world needs their portfolio to be very professional, complete and mainly it should create an impressive look. Normally portfolio is a collection of well assorted photographs along with your personal profile which consist of information regarding whether you are available for any modeling assignments and the sample work done by you such as photographs, video records of any previous work.

A fashion model portfolio is a collection of model's photographs ranging 10 to 25 in numbers and mostly they would be 9x12 prints. It is always important to keep your portfolio updated and also need a good assortment of different types of looks in your model portfolio. Your portfolio should give your client a chance to see how you are looking in different situations. So these photographs may be taken at different locations either in the settings of your home, some in the studio and some in the exotic locations. You would also include photographs which belong to the category of commercial, casual, fashion and editorial content.

In this presentation of portfolio, the photographers play a prominent role as they help you to choose the looks and photographs that fit your career with more personality and style. While taking photographs they also consider the type of modeling. You should add a head shot without any make up and also a good body shot. If you are especially plan to apply to the glamour modeling then body shot can be taken in wearing a swim wear or a tight fitting garment.

Modeling agencies are not interested in seeing any fancy poses and disorderly collection of pictures. Portfolio depends on quality and not the quantity so it is not wise to make the assumption that more is better. It is always good to have only eight to ten absolute, beautiful and updated photographers which will impress others than 30 mediocre ones. An experienced photographer will help you in this situation as they guide you to take decision in the quality of photographs and how to arrange the photographs so that it will shows the client that you have experience as an experienced model and not an amateur. A brilliant and excellent portfolio cannot be created over night but you can improve it by working with talented and creative photographers.

Now the next question arises whether preparing portfolio is a costly one. A decent portfolio won't cost you much if you are guided in the proper manner. Creating portfolio may be less expensive but a good portfolio may give you more returns as it demonstrates your ability as models and show the client that you are photogenic which in turn gives you a break in the modeling industry. So whenever you start preparing portfolio for you should prepare with utmost care and professionalism.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More About Advertising Jobs

We need advertising at almost each step of our life. What will have done if someone would not have told us which are the new products being launched in the market? A world without advertising is just a big vacant space. No billboards, no television ads, no radio jingles. Things would have reached a big stop suddenly. Opting for an advertising job at any point in your career is bound to pay off well in terms of what you will earn as money and experience. Being in the communication industry will help you develop your skills better that will let analyze life with a better understanding.

Advertising employment

Getting hired in advertising agencies will range from getting advertising jobs as an account manager or even a media executive to a copywriter or a visualiser or designer. When you are employed in an agency, it does not mean that you will be getting a six-figure pay from day one of your work. There is lot of work that you will have to do every single day, your hard work with the agency is not only what is going to pay you fruitfully but then also on the other hand satisfying the client effectively will also weave you better results.

Employment in advertising

Advertising jobs vacancy comes up at times only when people moves from one agency to the other. Most of the time if you do not have proper contacts in the agencies itself or the advertising circuit getting to know about these openings becomes difficult. The process of selection is yet another time taking process; it might take quite some time to get the job. You will be required to submit your resume which when processed according to their needs will get you the job that you wanted. Prior experiences in the post that you are applying for will help you fetch the job you are worthy of.
Jobs in advertising

Advertising work includes creative designing to marketing to writing. Within the gamut of advertising jobs lie several subtle requirements which right from a senior to junior has to follow. Ideating to surveying, understanding the client's needs to getting to the people what the client wants is what every employee in an agency needs to do. However, there are several section involved in doing separate work in and agency, then also advertising is a teamwork where the cumulative performance of all will bring in the ultimate result.

To deliver on time, work professionally yet efficiently are the basic of working under tremendous pressure in an agency. Advertising jobs does not always mean being hired by the agency; one can also take a job in the big companies for doing their advertising directly. However, in an agency you can do jobs of different clients at the same time compared to advertising jobs in other places.

How to find a dream job?

Finally a triumphant time has come which allows you to follow you heart's desire to land up with your dream job. Compulsion is a thing of past and plenty of choice is the new mantra. This welcoming change has not come in day but is the fruit of the hard work of many people working for the placement industry. True, the emergence of full fledged industry in the name of placement industry is the cause behind the change in the employment scenario spread all over the world.

The hunger for suitable jobs has finally got a helping hand and as a result job search has emerged as a refined aspect.

True, the present face of job search is entirely different from what it was a few years back. The basic difference lies in the very approach towards job search. In today's context if one needs to find a job it is matter of a few clicks and search through the internet. It is the unprecedented advent of the job sites on the internet that has brought has vigorously propelled the change.

Here are some of the key points about the internet job portals.

The job sites provide with an immense pool of both the employers and the job seeking candidates. Hundreds of thousand candidates are themselves enlisted on the job sites. This is beneficial on the both the ends respectively. While employers can search for the desired candidate and the candidates get an opportunity for searching their dream job.

Thoughtfully made categorical division of jobs make keyword centric job search a breezy affair. One can easily find a job matching with the keyword mentioned.

The online submission of profiles enhances the visibility of the job seekers in the correct light of employment. That is to say that one has the full liberty to approach the very industry or job profile that one aims to join.

The recruitment directory is another thing that has proved immensely helpful in revolutionizing the all the aspects regarding finding new job. You can always get a recruiter directory specifically suitable to your needs. Recruitment directories are made available online and they are arranged keeping in mind facets of job search. Like recruitment directory for fresher is very much different from that of an experienced candidate. Likewise you can always find different directories for disciplines of jobs.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hanbeot International

I've recieved this job invitation but can't find their web address online are they real? Should I consider hanbeot international for my career basics?


This mail is to confirm that we are in receipt of your CV from

After going through your profile, the international Board feels that you possess qualities and qualifications that suits some of the positions we are having in our Kenyan Office as well as Kampala programmes.

Han beot International is a Korean Humanitarian organisation that champions the rights of the oppressed in the society as well as the disabled persons. We have been in operations in Kampala (Uganda) for two years and now in the processes of setting up our Nairobi Offices around Gigiri. At the moment we are temporarily housed at Mombasa.

This is coming a bit late. We had our main server break down and communication has greatly been hampered. however, we're back and hopefully we will have this process completed before we kick off for the next yaer due in one month's time.

As a matter of urgency, please provide us with your most recent CV for evaluation and a letter of application citing your areas of strengths and skills. You will also be required to go through online evaluation as will be advised by Dr. Frost Reinne, our human resource director who is cordinating the exercise.

Note that we will be sending the information kit through surface mail since, as you will realise, our website is in Korean.

Send your CV urgently to this mail (please copy as we are already behind the time. Include your email and phone contacts to facilitate communication. It is also important to note that, due to logistics, we will be communicating to you through this mail.

If you had sent your CV and other required details before, you need not apply again. We will be contacting you pretty soon since our server is now up and running. However, you will ba required to confirm that you went through the online evaluation successfully.

All the best as you prepare to be part of Hanbeot family.


Rebbekka Platini
[International Cordinator]
Busan, Korea.
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Money for Interviews

I must admit its weard to get interview invitations with a price tag put on them. Surely look at this letter i recieved a few days ago.

P.o Box -80112
Cell: 0724 056746 Web:
Tel: +254 62254043 Fax: 62255956


Ref: TEC/05/10

Staff no. Ot 023


1.Subject to your acceptance of the terms of this letter,you are hereby appointed with effect from 24th May,2010 as an ON JOB TRAINEE,Grade TEC.6 in the services of the Techbiz Ltd (hereinafter referred to as''the Company'') You therefore appear on this date for a short interview at our offices in Sunset house,Beach road, Diani-Mombasa at 11am.

2.You will be paid at the rate of Ksh. 38,000 per month.

3. During the tenure of your employment,you will be subject to the terms of service prescribed for Trainees of this company in staff regulaion T.13 and to such other notices,rules and regulations applicable to trainee staff as will be prescribed from time to time.

4. As an On Job Trainee, you will be elligible for Leave,House allowance,Gratuity,Medical facilities and other benefits.

5.This appointment will be terminated at the close of the day, 25 MAY 2012. After which you will be permanently employed with improved terms.

6. You are required to send Ksh 625 to our cellphone no. 0724056746 via MPESA on or before 11th MAY 2010. This is for your placement and defraying the interview costs.

Looking forward to meeting you on that day.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Do I Have To Be On Twitter? to get a job

If you want to build your personal brand, establish an online presence, and be in the right place at the right time for your job search, then you have to utilize social media. The big 3 social media sites are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. While LinkedIn is focused more fully on business, and Facebook leans toward the social, Twitter lands somewhere in the middle. Nearly 75 million people visited Twitter in January 2010.

Twitter relies on "tweets," which are posts of 140 characters or less. They're short, but frequent. Life moves fast on Twitter. But then, the world moves fast and this is a way to keep up. And yes, while some tweets are huge time-wasters (some of us don't want to know what someone else had for breakfast), there's quite a bit of useful information you can gain from following the right people. It's both a way to research and a way to network. You can follow companies, customers, suppliers, vendors, industry experts, and recruiters who post jobs–anyone who's going to be useful for you. You'll be able to keep up-to-the minute current. And then you can be useful yourself–pass along job leads, industry info, or the great book you just read. Any help or advice you can provide your contacts is a nice way to contribute.

You can ask questions, find people, and make contacts. Look for people to follow on You can search medical device, laboratory, surgical, diagnostics, clinical, molecular…you get the drift. You can search for any keywords that matter to you at

There are all kinds of ways to use Twitter for your job search. More and more companies are getting involved, and 75 million people means you ought to be able to find a job lead or two. You can put your elevator pitch in your bio, and provide links to your resume, LinkedIn page, or anything else that's cool about you. Check out my Top Twitter Tips for more tips on how to use Twitter for your job search.

The point is: Twitter is a fantastic networking tool. And networking is critical to the success of your job search and your long-term career.

Resume - Your Self Marketing Tool!

After a great deal of research, you finally find out about an opening that suits your profile. You don't want to loose this opportunity. Do you?

You can start by considering the following tips for a winning resume:

Tip #1: Custom tailor your resume for a particular type of job – make your resume search friendly: Each resume is designed depending upon the type of job you are applying for. Do a bit of research for the keywords mentioned by the recruiter. Every good company these days scans resume sent to them via a scanner. Thus, incorporating the right search words here becomes a must. Even if a scanner is not used, your resume should contain power words like produced, presented, delivered, managed, etc. This makes your resume attractive enough to impress the recruiter.

Tip #2: Make your resume attractive: Considering the fact that most of the resume are sent electronically these days, the paper quality doesn't come into picture, but you should not ignore simple formatting while constructing your resume.

For example: All text should be left aligned and should not be below the standard 10 - 12 font size. The resume should not be more than one or two pages. Use bullets wherever possible. The following generic sequence can be used:
Your name , address and contact details
Your objective
Professional background and experience related to the relevant to the position you are applying for
Work Experience (Job profile) and all the companies you have worked for and the experience gained.
Education (the degrees obtained)
Skills / Trainings / workshops attended
Honor and awards
Volunteer experience

Tip #3: Your resume is like advertising for yourself: Design a resume keeping in mind that you need to get an interview and not a job. Too detailed a resume can get monotonous. Describe your accomplishments and let the recruiter crave to know more. Think that you have to sell a product. Now your resume is the medium to sell the product (i.e. you) and your customer is the hiring manager. Market yourself by indirectly mentioning how beneficial it would be for their organization if they employ a talented individual like you.

Tip #4: Describe who you report to and how much you know: This will create an instant impression because if you're reporting to a higher person like the marketing head, etc. shows your worth to the company. Mention how much you know about the job you are being hired for and your experience in the same.

Tip #5: Do get your resume proof read: It has to be error free with no grammatical mistakes. Strike out all irrelevant information and keep only the ones that are relevant to the profile you have applied for.

A little effort in marketing yourself to the world can help you get that job instantly.

Say Good Bye On A Positive Note! leaving your career

Writing a resignation letter can be tricky. Bidding farewell can be tough but should end in a good note. Even if your relations with your boss have been bitter, your resignation letter determines the professional reputation you leave behind in the organization.

A few reasons why your resignation letter should be positive are:

1. You might need references/ recommendation from this company or your boss.

2. You might get to express your views during an exit interview.

3. It builds good relations with your boss and thereafter a good reputation.

Here is a format that you can use while writing your resignation letter:

- Salutation: Address it to your immediate boss with a copy to the HR.

- First Para: Come straight to the point and state your intentions clearly. You can mention that you would like to discover other opportunities and hence would like to resign formally. If you are going to serve the notice period, mention it.

- Second Para: Thank your boss for giving you the opportunity and guidance to work under him. I know you hate him, but this is not the place where you mention it. Draft the letter keeping an exit interview in mind. Also mention your current responsibilities. Don't make it too long. Keep the letter short and crisp.

- Third Para: This can be the place where you can ask for a relief from your responsibilities and recommend or ask for a person who you can train. Ask for a convenient time of the meeting.

As always, proof read your letter as many times as possible. It is recommended that you first resign in person to your boss and then you follow up with a resignation letter.

Here is a sample of the letter:


Please consider this as a formal resignation from the position of xxxxxxx. As I have found a new opportunity which will help maneuver my career to success and hence would like to move on, I will be serving my notice period of one month from today.

I would like to thank you and this outstanding organization for the immense support, guidance and experience I gained. I am currently holding the following responsibilities:

Please relieve me of the same. I would be glad to train and support my replacement with a suitable co-worker. Please let me know of a convenient time when we can discuss the above.

Thanks and Regards,


A good resignation defines your exit from the organization; hence tender it with utmost politeness. In this small world, you never know who might influence you later on in the future. So if you want to say good bye: let them remember you for your good deeds.

Fake job Adverts

Be aware of conmen