Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Certified Nursing Assistants careers or CNA's

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA's are an important part of the healthcare system. They have been described as the link between the health care given by the health care professionals and the patient's day to day needs. In the health care setting, they play a complementary role to all other health care professionals in the health center. The CNA interacts with the patients on a regular basis in the course of their duties. Becoming a CNA requires certain characteristics and competencies in order for the CNA to be effective in the discharge of their duties. At the top of the list of characteristics of effective CNA's is humility.Interacting with numerous people on a daily basis means the CNA will encounter different people with diverse personalities and characters. In order for the CNA to be effective in the dispensation of their duties, humility is a critical characteristic and virtue they must have. From ungrateful patients to patients with abrasive personalities, the Certified Nursing Assistant must be able to accommodate them all within their professional responsibilities. Dealing with this diverse set of patients can therefore be challenging and thus the need for the CNA to cultivate this virtue.The CNA is charged with a variety of duties in their workplace. These duties include responding to patients' calls, turning and repositioning patients, observation of patients and giving a detailed report to the supervising health professional, assisting patients in their daily requirements such as walking and exercising, in addition to many other duties. In all these duties one thing stands out; that it is all about the patients. When the CNA understands and accepts that it is never about the CNA but about the patient, this engenders humility in the CNA. To be able to serve the patients effectively, humility enables the CNA to attend to the patients, to whatever extent, without wondering why the patient was getting all the attention. These two instances demonstrate why humility is an important and essential characteristic of effective CNA's. It enables this health care provider to discharge their duties professionally and also add that extra bit of personal virtue that tends to augur well for the patient's recovery process
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