Friday, July 30, 2010

Difficult Career Choices

When most employees join to work for an organization, they always know they have to emulate their managers whom they believe to be too talented in enriching their career basics and sometimes over qualified for their positions. The hardest career basics element will knock on your door soon after the manager whom all of your time, have trusted leaves the department. He may have been offered an impressive salary package and a challenging new career. Apart from that, e may have been given a mandate to hire whoever he chooses for his department. Now the big question comes when you are approached what would you do?

1. If you decide to accept the offer in order to enrich your career basics
If for any chance, you decide to accept the new position, you must be prepared to accept the new challenges that come with the new position and accepting a new position must be understood that it happens every single day. However it is important that you provide a proper notice to the human resource and under the circumstances give an explanation for moving departments. It is more important that you carefully read your contract for any aspects which legally may put your decision in jeopardy.

The job may be secure at the moment but polishing your resume is important in mantaining other essential career basics for better caree pay just incase. Remember that the new job might be perfect for your boss, but there's no guarantee it's going to be a good fit for you.

2. If you decide not to accept the offer and limit your career basics like skills

Accepting the status quo may in other way be very challenging in your case since it will be like telling your former boss that you were not satisfied with their leadership. Also consideration should be applied to the fact that your former boss may take it personal and henceforth affect your current status. What is recommended is a polite declination for this aspect and provide a valid reason why.

Sometimes it happens in a friendlier mood on the part of your boss that declining at that moment would not have such a big impact to your career choice, regardless of whether you accept the new position or opt to remain where you are, and it's always in your best interest to remain focused.
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