Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mobile Technology Create’s Jobs in Kenya

The mobile phone sector particularly in Kenya is an impressive story of its innovative use. Most importantly in the money transfer sector where Kenyans can now conveniently pay for their utility bills using the mobile phone. Apart from this, it’s also in use in the media platform for relaying quick news and the latest at the moment is that subscribers can withdraw money from their bank accounts using the mobile phone handsets.
Clearly the application of the mobile phone is a growing area that can’t be taken for granted any more especially considering its effect to job seekers career basics. Apart from creation of employment in the money transfer sector like mpesa or zap, there is generally of ready demand for repair of this mobile phones which technically oriented students may what to pay a closer attention given the growth potential of the industry.
The various applications of the mobile phones has created anew platform for software development and maintenance. How about taking a course in the growing sector?
For every one computer owned in Kenya, there are 14 mobile phone handsets in the hands of consumers. Most universities approach on training students nowadays is the mode of instruction is hands on, aimed at giving the students experience to enable them create application packages for use with locally available mobile phones.
They prefer that they spent time in their college laboratory to perfect their projects and make sure that they can work since manufacturers are likely to buy some of these packages for commercial purposes. The consumer based packages include SMS scheduler, that decides when to send a message and to whom. Others created include those that help women track their reproductive health patterns. Many of these graduates have been sought to work in local telecommunication firms therefore enhancing their career basics.
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