Monday, July 5, 2010

Self-development and Personal Growth in careers

Have your ever thought of the benefits of experience gained at work? Do you believe that this is the main incentive for working? People are always striving to promote and to improve themselves. They believe that growth and self-assertion can be achieved through experience, which is true but partially. Infact, there are other reasons for developing your career. For instance, people can work for gaining money, for improving their skills, or just because they like working very much.Some people can conclude that life is a boring thing as one has to work all the time, to do lots of routine chores such as watch TV, sleep, work again. However, this closed circle can be broken since everything depends upon a person's desire and creativity.
To improve your life and to fill it with sense, you should follow certain guidelines.Philosophy of life and self-development:
1.Try to recollect the things that you like the most of all in your life. It may be a conversation with an old friend you have not seen for a long time, or the promotion at work, or weekends with your relatives, whatever. Such recollections will make you think over the true values in your life.
2.Then, jot down the most favorite activities without which you cannot imagine your life. It may be reading, drawing, writing poems, going in for sports. This can help you decide which job can satisfy your life needs and make the right choice.
3.Think of reasons of converting your life into a chain of boring events. Was your life always boring and senseless? This can help you find the lost way or to understand what values were left in the past.All these recommendations can change your life attitudes and methods for achieving your professional goals. Once you have understood the reason, you are free to build your career in
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