Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Software Engineering: Career Information

An estimate of 324,000 software engineers is expected to be added to the workforce in the next five year span of time.They are expected to work 40 hours a week but if there are deadlines employees are faced with overtime thus adding up to an average 50 hours of work per week.They create packaged software using programs like C, C++ and Java.A basic bachelor's degree is sufficient for entry level jobs but it has high credence when it is associated with other significant certification programs.

Although if you aim for managerial positions with substantial experience in hand in the high-level and competitive organizations, you are expected to have a masters degree in computer science.Advancing technology and constant growing influence of the digital technologies in our day-to-day life only goes to show how much impetus is put upon anyone who works in the development of software.These involve the use of applications and systems that make our computer work.Gradually, with substantial experience in hand, the growth curve takes you to positions like project managers, managers of information systems or chief information officers.Candidates must also possess skills sets like problem solving and analytical skills and communication skills along with being a good team player.Also candidates seeking for a Software Engineering jobs essential require internships and co-op programs added to their credit to be filtered out amongst the millions of candidates and be seen as someone possessing first-hand experience in practical applications of this field of study.Computer security has become prudent these days thus there is a constant requirement for software engineers with advanced degrees that may include mathematics and system design.There is much demand for various software applications and with ever-improving designs in technology a software engineer is required to be well updated with time on the changing trends in order to grow with the advancements made in the industry.It is expected that by 2018 there ought to be a 39% growth in the job prospects for software engineers.These are well segregated amongst application software engineers and system software engineers alike.The future prospects of this job profile are projected to be much higher than what it is today.Software engineers are the ones responsible to constantly design develop and update software programs to keep this technological growth on progressive ascent.The job of an IT professional or a software engineer has a huge spectrum of responsibilities that involves design, development, testing and troubleshooting.Team effort is significant for an individual who looks to grow in software companies.The entry level jobs are concerned with testing and verifying ongoing designs and as the employee earns more and more experience they are given the responsibility of designing and developing the software as a part of a professional team
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