Saturday, July 10, 2010

Students Work Instead of Learning: Major Disadvantages

We are not the only inhabitants of this planet and should take into account the way we treat this environment.Major Disadvantages for Students Though the work of students is beneficial for many organizations, it is necessary to dwell on the disadvantages of this issue.However, some issues are really important for all representatives of the human civilization.Most students that are combining learning and work manage to do both things properly.Employees that know about their lack of experience are not sure to demand higher salaries.Major Benefits for Organizations The most common disadvantage of students' work can be considered the low cost.Students cannot ask to give them an opportunity for training or self-development because this job is temporary and often part-time.Environmental protection is one of those issues that should be approached by every member of the international community.Organizations have to pay some benefits to those who are asked to guide student-workers.There are many different things in life that are worth being considered.Every person should make an effort to improve the living conditions of other species on earth.Some failures are sure to make students redesign their learning/working plans.

Students working as volunteers in different environment-protecting organizations make an effort to save our planet from pollutions.As a rule, people try to pay attention to those issues that seem to be relevant to their own lives and lives of people they love.Major Drawbacks for Organizations Students lack experience and can make the organization suffer losses because of poor quality of their work.Sometimes such experience can not be regarded as the one relevant to the specialization.Employers do not need to provide student-workers with compensations or benefits.Students as workers are enabled to enjoy their rights guaranteed by law.
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