Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tebiventures, Computer Operators in Kenya

Job seekers be aware this is a scam tebiventures never exists, I’ve seen this job advert with the following specifications, Required: KCSE C- with Computer literacy especially Ms Office. A business related Certificate or Diploma will be an absolute advantage and guess what they are offering 46,000 as career pay per month give me a break, consider other career basics.
The job location is said to be in Mombasa Kenya and you are required to start soon after interview surely who can buy that. And imagine having an option of your residence? What I’m trying to say is that please don’t fall for them you deserve better, and not forgetting look at their email one would wonder if really they had some sense before advertising this job?
A wake up call to job seekers; Are you looking for a job? Before you start your search for jobs it is very important to make sure that you do apply for genuine jobs especially online.
It is clear that many Kenyans are jobless hence desperation in looking for career basics opportunities especially from the known jobs search sites. But who could be aware that some people may use desperation of fellow Kenyans and advertise fake jobs that really don’t exist? If I don’t write a bout these people then I will surely be deceiving my readers.
Probably out of ten Kenyan jobseekers, one of them must or will fall a victim of job scammers. However there may be indications of these job scammers in their job adverts, but desperate Kenyans would still go on and try applying jobs for their non existing organizations only to be robbed of their hard earned money either as interview fee or medical fee so they say.
I know the pain and reality that comes with these scammers but just to provide you with tips of bursting job scammers;
1. Email
Normally established organizations will have paid email addresses like, and not free emails that come with Google or Yahoo accounts. Like or
2. Already stated huge career pay on the job advert. It is true that some genuine organizations indicates career pay on their job openings but hey just be cautious if you do not know of that company. Job seekers be aware of necessary career basics to avoid this job scams.

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