Sunday, August 8, 2010

Career Basics in Career Planning Process

Career planning, is one of the most ignored element in career basics that need to be considered especially during career search. Every job seeker ought to know that just like career search is important in career basics, so it is career planning. By being involved in career planning process, job seekers, not only Kenyan job seekers but world wide enhances one of the most element in career basics.

This element of career basics could improve their career management abilities by making sure that school leavers in Kenya and world wide are prepared for the job market with necessary career basics. Students must therefore remember that they have to complete a number of processes, as part of their career basics to suit the competitive job market.

Job seekers must be informed therefore that decisions which they make regarding their career basics, have direct consequences and therefore should be made with close care. Most of job seekers like in Kenya careless about career planning as one of the career basics once they complete their studies. This could have very serious repercussions especially on ones career. Imagine being jobless jus for ignoring career planning as one of your career basics element.

Career planning process incorporates most of the elements in career basics. One of the element in career planning process includes; self assessment. Job seekers must evaluate their skills, values, needs and aptitude to determine their effectiveness in career basics elements.

Another element in career planning process is; searching for career information. Nowadays, there are several resources available especially online specifically to provide career planners with relevant information vital in their career basics. Career planners must pay attention to the following career basics elements in searching for career information job functions, working environment, level of required education, and career pay with necessary skills and experience required.

Career planning process should also include setting of goals and alternatives as part of career basics. It is vital to formulate the main goal a career seeker wants to reach. It is not possible to plan your career without setting strict goals in your career basics. Career seekers should also search for alternative variants in career options just to enrich their career basics formula.

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