Sunday, August 8, 2010

Equal Opportunities to all Employees, is Important for their Career Basics

"Equal Opportunities to Employees", is a term widely used in explaining the rights of any organizations employees to have equal chances at the place of employment without any discrimination of age, religion, ethnicity, origin, gender, or any physical or mental disability and with respect to their career basics.

The most delicate part of employment that should completely equal and fair to all job seekers in their career basics, is employee selection or hiring. There exists different factors to be taken into consideration while selecting an applicant for a particular job vacancy; qualification, capability, experience and performance of the applicant that will suit their career basics.

Every employer should basically know that it is illegal and unfair to job seekers for any organization to discriminate an applicant on irrelevant terms not considering applicants career basics of fairness. What most organizations don’t understand is that recruiting staff by giving all the applicants equal opportunities will increase their chances of finding the perfect applicant or person for the job and improving their morale in their career basics.

It is clear that any workplace or association is a gathering of individuals having different personality, customs, attitude, insight as well as gender. In the previous years, job seekers were subjected to bias from these differences. However over the years, a lot has changed. For instance at the workplace, women now have an equal opportunity, as compared to their to previous times. People with disabilities are also being offered opportunities in the workplace, depending upon their abilities.

Despite the fact that times have changed some organization still discriminate in selecting their employees thereby undermining job seekers career basics. This discrimination is generally practiced in two ways i.e. direct discrimination and indirect discrimination.

Every employee working in any organization has a certain set of rights in the workplace as well as responsibilities towards the workplace. If an Employee keeps these rights in their mind while following their responsibilities, it will help them in fighting against any sort of discrimination in the workplace.

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