Saturday, August 21, 2010

Professional Certificates in Career Basics

Before students decide on colleges to further their studies, they must carry out proper fact finding on the college just to ensure that all of the basics in the current job market is catered for. Career basics, demands that you have a credible professional certificate in the eyes of the employer. Imagine after three years of training only to discover that your certificate is classified as bogus, this could hurt dearly the job seeker having wasted quality of his time studying for irrelevant certificate. In career basics, the most first element that should be considered after deciding on career path is the training institution.

Before deciding on the best institution that will cater for your career basics, the examining body for your professional course is vital for the rest of your career basics to guarantee a share in the job market. Remember that employers are looking for qualified employees and to meet this target, they must recruit the most qualified job seeker that the market can offer. In this regard, credibility of the examining body and institution will play a very vital role for consideration.

The credibility of professional certificates differs from country to country. In Kenya for example contrary to many other countries, public institutions are rated higher than private institutions therefore for a quality institution for your career basics, the private sector should be least considered unless they prove otherwise.

On the part of examining body for your course, I would prefer not institution based. Like in Kenya some colleges will offer you alternative examination bodies to choose from. However I would rather go with a national examination rather than institution based for my career basics.

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