Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Portfolio is a must in career development

Portfolio is the essential investment in the modeling industry which has to be very perfect and professional one. If you say that creating portfolio is a very tedious process and many will accept to the concept. It is because every one in the fashion world needs their portfolio to be very professional, complete and mainly it should create an impressive look. Normally portfolio is a collection of well assorted photographs along with your personal profile which consist of information regarding whether you are available for any modeling assignments and the sample work done by you such as photographs, video records of any previous work.

A fashion model portfolio is a collection of model's photographs ranging 10 to 25 in numbers and mostly they would be 9x12 prints. It is always important to keep your portfolio updated and also need a good assortment of different types of looks in your model portfolio. Your portfolio should give your client a chance to see how you are looking in different situations. So these photographs may be taken at different locations either in the settings of your home, some in the studio and some in the exotic locations. You would also include photographs which belong to the category of commercial, casual, fashion and editorial content.

In this presentation of portfolio, the photographers play a prominent role as they help you to choose the looks and photographs that fit your career with more personality and style. While taking photographs they also consider the type of modeling. You should add a head shot without any make up and also a good body shot. If you are especially plan to apply to the glamour modeling then body shot can be taken in wearing a swim wear or a tight fitting garment.

Modeling agencies are not interested in seeing any fancy poses and disorderly collection of pictures. Portfolio depends on quality and not the quantity so it is not wise to make the assumption that more is better. It is always good to have only eight to ten absolute, beautiful and updated photographers which will impress others than 30 mediocre ones. An experienced photographer will help you in this situation as they guide you to take decision in the quality of photographs and how to arrange the photographs so that it will shows the client that you have experience as an experienced model and not an amateur. A brilliant and excellent portfolio cannot be created over night but you can improve it by working with talented and creative photographers.

Now the next question arises whether preparing portfolio is a costly one. A decent portfolio won't cost you much if you are guided in the proper manner. Creating portfolio may be less expensive but a good portfolio may give you more returns as it demonstrates your ability as models and show the client that you are photogenic which in turn gives you a break in the modeling industry. So whenever you start preparing portfolio for you should prepare with utmost care and professionalism.

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