Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips On Passing Employee Evaluation

Performance evaluation or employee evaluation is a way of checking in a company to see whether the concerned employee has been able to fulfill his goals. So it is often an unnerving situation which an employee has to face while his responsibility is under strict postmortem. It is a general suggestion for all those people, that it is best not to loose nerves and not to panic.

In fact, this is the perfect hour to promote your work, responsibility and yourself as a whole, without falling into the pit of office politics. In order to go about dealing with an employee evaluation, jot down all the work you have done in the company since the last checking, no matter how minute or unimportant it is. This list may be prepared by compiling information from your weekly reports, emails, files, presentations or other sources where detailed information of your work is maintained.

After preparing this primary report or list about your work all the year round, make a separate list of all those work that outstand the others, where you have received honor and success in particular, and those work which have a significance in your professional life.

Do not also forget to include in this list, the times and hours which were not that good for the company and your contribution at that time. In other words what you did to save the company from such a crisis situation. Then, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. This should be an honest attempt to assess yourself.

Start with the weakness that your supervisor has pointed out about you in the preceding term. If you are well aware of all your strengths and weaknesses then none of the comments made by your boss will come as a shock or a surprise. By adding your strengths to you recent achievements, you will be able to give a clear picture of how important a part you are in the company.

And by listing your weaknesses you will be able to give your boss an idea that you are clear about your weak points and hence will be easier for you to improve them. And hence you will also be able to say them that you have the capacity and the mental stamina to deal with constructive criticism and looks forward to professional growth.

If your boss asks you to rate yourself on certain qualities of yours, be honest and candid. Do not go on giving the same ratings over and over again. Give the point to yourself which your boss wants to give you. Here you need to be a good reader of minds. If you are asked to give them an idea of you're your future plans are, do not speak of ideas and plans which are appealing to the ear, but are impossible to fulfill.

Be practical. Tell them about your actual plans and ideas which you intend to ‘complete' by the end of the next term.

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