Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hanbeot International

I've recieved this job invitation but can't find their web address online are they real? Should I consider hanbeot international for my career basics?


This mail is to confirm that we are in receipt of your CV from www.kazi-kenya.com.

After going through your profile, the international Board feels that you possess qualities and qualifications that suits some of the positions we are having in our Kenyan Office as well as Kampala programmes.

Han beot International is a Korean Humanitarian organisation that champions the rights of the oppressed in the society as well as the disabled persons. We have been in operations in Kampala (Uganda) for two years and now in the processes of setting up our Nairobi Offices around Gigiri. At the moment we are temporarily housed at Mombasa.

This is coming a bit late. We had our main server break down and communication has greatly been hampered. however, we're back and hopefully we will have this process completed before we kick off for the next yaer due in one month's time.

As a matter of urgency, please provide us with your most recent CV for evaluation and a letter of application citing your areas of strengths and skills. You will also be required to go through online evaluation as will be advised by Dr. Frost Reinne, our human resource director who is cordinating the exercise.

Note that we will be sending the information kit through surface mail since, as you will realise, our website is in Korean.

Send your CV urgently to this mail (please copy hanbeot@board.to) as we are already behind the time. Include your email and phone contacts to facilitate communication. It is also important to note that, due to logistics, we will be communicating to you through this mail.

If you had sent your CV and other required details before, you need not apply again. We will be contacting you pretty soon since our server is now up and running. However, you will ba required to confirm that you went through the online evaluation successfully.

All the best as you prepare to be part of Hanbeot family.


Rebbekka Platini
[International Cordinator]
Busan, Korea.
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  1. Hello,
    I too received a similar alert and actually its not very clear. They claim they have branches in Kenya and Uganda. Then they asked us to pay for some work permit charges. I really doubt if they are real.