Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Money for Interviews

I must admit its weard to get interview invitations with a price tag put on them. Surely look at this letter i recieved a few days ago.

P.o Box -80112
Email: techbizltd@gmail.com
Cell: 0724 056746 Web: www.technobiz.com
Tel: +254 62254043 Fax: 62255956


Ref: TEC/05/10

Staff no. Ot 023


1.Subject to your acceptance of the terms of this letter,you are hereby appointed with effect from 24th May,2010 as an ON JOB TRAINEE,Grade TEC.6 in the services of the Techbiz Ltd (hereinafter referred to as''the Company'') You therefore appear on this date for a short interview at our offices in Sunset house,Beach road, Diani-Mombasa at 11am.

2.You will be paid at the rate of Ksh. 38,000 per month.

3. During the tenure of your employment,you will be subject to the terms of service prescribed for Trainees of this company in staff regulaion T.13 and to such other notices,rules and regulations applicable to trainee staff as will be prescribed from time to time.

4. As an On Job Trainee, you will be elligible for Leave,House allowance,Gratuity,Medical facilities and other benefits.

5.This appointment will be terminated at the close of the day, 25 MAY 2012. After which you will be permanently employed with improved terms.

6. You are required to send Ksh 625 to our cellphone no. 0724056746 via MPESA on or before 11th MAY 2010. This is for your placement and defraying the interview costs.

Looking forward to meeting you on that day.

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