Monday, June 21, 2010

Resume - Your Self Marketing Tool!

After a great deal of research, you finally find out about an opening that suits your profile. You don't want to loose this opportunity. Do you?

You can start by considering the following tips for a winning resume:

Tip #1: Custom tailor your resume for a particular type of job – make your resume search friendly: Each resume is designed depending upon the type of job you are applying for. Do a bit of research for the keywords mentioned by the recruiter. Every good company these days scans resume sent to them via a scanner. Thus, incorporating the right search words here becomes a must. Even if a scanner is not used, your resume should contain power words like produced, presented, delivered, managed, etc. This makes your resume attractive enough to impress the recruiter.

Tip #2: Make your resume attractive: Considering the fact that most of the resume are sent electronically these days, the paper quality doesn't come into picture, but you should not ignore simple formatting while constructing your resume.

For example: All text should be left aligned and should not be below the standard 10 - 12 font size. The resume should not be more than one or two pages. Use bullets wherever possible. The following generic sequence can be used:
Your name , address and contact details
Your objective
Professional background and experience related to the relevant to the position you are applying for
Work Experience (Job profile) and all the companies you have worked for and the experience gained.
Education (the degrees obtained)
Skills / Trainings / workshops attended
Honor and awards
Volunteer experience

Tip #3: Your resume is like advertising for yourself: Design a resume keeping in mind that you need to get an interview and not a job. Too detailed a resume can get monotonous. Describe your accomplishments and let the recruiter crave to know more. Think that you have to sell a product. Now your resume is the medium to sell the product (i.e. you) and your customer is the hiring manager. Market yourself by indirectly mentioning how beneficial it would be for their organization if they employ a talented individual like you.

Tip #4: Describe who you report to and how much you know: This will create an instant impression because if you're reporting to a higher person like the marketing head, etc. shows your worth to the company. Mention how much you know about the job you are being hired for and your experience in the same.

Tip #5: Do get your resume proof read: It has to be error free with no grammatical mistakes. Strike out all irrelevant information and keep only the ones that are relevant to the profile you have applied for.

A little effort in marketing yourself to the world can help you get that job instantly.

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