Monday, June 21, 2010

Say Good Bye On A Positive Note! leaving your career

Writing a resignation letter can be tricky. Bidding farewell can be tough but should end in a good note. Even if your relations with your boss have been bitter, your resignation letter determines the professional reputation you leave behind in the organization.

A few reasons why your resignation letter should be positive are:

1. You might need references/ recommendation from this company or your boss.

2. You might get to express your views during an exit interview.

3. It builds good relations with your boss and thereafter a good reputation.

Here is a format that you can use while writing your resignation letter:

- Salutation: Address it to your immediate boss with a copy to the HR.

- First Para: Come straight to the point and state your intentions clearly. You can mention that you would like to discover other opportunities and hence would like to resign formally. If you are going to serve the notice period, mention it.

- Second Para: Thank your boss for giving you the opportunity and guidance to work under him. I know you hate him, but this is not the place where you mention it. Draft the letter keeping an exit interview in mind. Also mention your current responsibilities. Don't make it too long. Keep the letter short and crisp.

- Third Para: This can be the place where you can ask for a relief from your responsibilities and recommend or ask for a person who you can train. Ask for a convenient time of the meeting.

As always, proof read your letter as many times as possible. It is recommended that you first resign in person to your boss and then you follow up with a resignation letter.

Here is a sample of the letter:


Please consider this as a formal resignation from the position of xxxxxxx. As I have found a new opportunity which will help maneuver my career to success and hence would like to move on, I will be serving my notice period of one month from today.

I would like to thank you and this outstanding organization for the immense support, guidance and experience I gained. I am currently holding the following responsibilities:

Please relieve me of the same. I would be glad to train and support my replacement with a suitable co-worker. Please let me know of a convenient time when we can discuss the above.

Thanks and Regards,


A good resignation defines your exit from the organization; hence tender it with utmost politeness. In this small world, you never know who might influence you later on in the future. So if you want to say good bye: let them remember you for your good deeds.

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