Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basic Salary Offers Negotiations

Ideally every employer would gauge the keenness of a candidate to join the company on almost all aspects that are deemed of necessity to him. This should not be difficult to accept because dedication is an attribute the employer all over look for.
I am not sure of your professional background is, but I know that professionals in sales and marketing are often tempted to use negotiations on salary offers as a strategy when discussing the job offers.
Depending on the tone and language you use, a most damaging message that such revelation could convey at salary negotiations stage is that you are ‘take it or leave it’ kind of job candidate.
The prospective employer normally would get the impression that you don’t necessarily need the job. And thus declaring alternative career pursuits may negate the impression you may have created about the real reason for showing interest in the job.
For this reason, I hardly think that it would be prudent to talk about alternative job offers as a way of bargaining for a better salary scale.
If you have to for any specific reason, do so when declining the offer, and express humbly on the basis of your expectation, don’t name the alternative employer lest the prospect employers gets the impression you are trying to intimidate or mock them. You may also create the impression that you’ve only been having fun showing up for the interview.
Salary negotiations should be paged on market standards and experience and not on alternative offers. Therefore it is imperative that you invest in more information on the other market rates. This is what should influence the range within which you should always negotiate.
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