Monday, July 26, 2010

Career Rivalry and Competitions

There are several occurrences at the work place when some of the colleagues feel threatened by you but also it is not uncommon for junior staffers to think they can do the CEO’s job for half of half the career pay, or if you like a quarter the salary. Indeed very harmful to their career basics.
The ‘boss’ just signs the papers, talks endlessly on the phone, issues directives, picks up his entertainment allowance every Friday and goes off to play golf. This is the assumption many junior staff imagine of. What the junior staff lacks to understand is what is expected and the roles of the senior managers.
Working environments can be challenging starting with the colleagues and qualifications one has in anticipation for a promotion in future to build necessary career basics. There are situations where employees seek further education qualifications that may qualify them either for a salary increment or job promotion.
However good it may seem for one to advance in a career, there are several ups and downs that are likely to come on the way. These downs may include plots from other employees to frustrate your efforts due to insecurity.
I have seen cases where colleagues use different means to frustrate others like complaining to their superior or setting up traps so that the other employee is seen as a poor performer. This could have a major impact on the overall organizations performance at their career basics expense. Senior management must therefore keep in mind of such jealous schemes from junior staff to enhance a fair playing field so that ones efforts are not compromised by others plots.
One way the management can avoid such unnecessary competition among junior employees is by setting up clear structures for promotions and also have a continuity of study program.
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