Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Importance of Career Personality

Is career personality of such necessity among career basics when looking for a career? Definitely yes and this are some of the issues which are frequently ignored by job seekers and those who already are employed. However it is clear that different careers demand for a certain conduct ranging from the contact of Top management to their subordinates.
You may not imagine managers and subordinates relationships extending to social networks like face book. You may be feeling important that the big boss has finally approved your request on face book, the internet social site, but consider its implication to your career basics. You may have just laid yourself bare by giving him access to your wall.
Wile you may want to play a conservative participant, where you remain cautious on what debate to indulge in and what rants you post, what if one of your other friends carelessly posted on your wall.
You may hate to hear this but by requesting your boss to be friends on social network like face book, just gives your boss access to your personality gauging from your posts to those posted by your friends on face book.
This could just be one way that your boss will use in evaluating your performance or consideration for a job promotion. And as expected it could have more of negative impact than positive.
Every one of us has a personality rated in his career basics, and different environments demand for different personality just like a career personality would demand for a more professional approach to issues. As stated above of social network posts, if you make a stupid comment it could be interpreted as a general representation of your character even at the work place hence harmful to your career basics.
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