Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kenyan Jobs

Jobs in Kenya, IT careers, find your preferred careers in Kenya, an authoritative jobs website for school leavers in Kenya. An analysis of best Kenyan jobs with related career pay and benefits. In most cases, these are the phrases that job seekers encounter when looking for a job in Kenya. I must appreciate the ambiguity related to Kenyan jobs sites that are only in the mainstream to fetch traffic to their sites. Technology in Africa fails to put proper mechanism in identifying fake job advertisements from genuine ones.

It is easier to encounter fake Kenyan jobs advertisements from the known jobs sites. It is more important to protect job seekers who visit your site than not to filter information on your site with interest only in the amount of traffic you receive. Just like in the news papers, most Kenyan job seekers assume that any advertisement made on Kenyan jobs be it online or through other media is a mere fabrication.

Who am I to object this fact, it is almost obvious to everyone that the only way to get a good job in Kenya is through bribery. As long as fabrications do exist, there are genuine job advertisements on Kenyan jobs that job seekers need to consider.

I identifying fake job advertisements is easier if you are keen. The obvious element to look for is the email address on which to apply for the job. Most scammers use unpaid email hosting like gmail and yahoo. A well established organization would probably own its own domain name and email address. Most known paid email addresses have the following order; and so on. Kenyan jobs seekers are therefore advised to be very careful in making payments or applying for jobs, don’t fall a victim to fake jobs with intentions to grab your hard earned cash.
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  1. Technology in Africa going to a new level, the introduction of paying electriity bill by Mpesa system brings Africa to a whole new level.