Monday, September 6, 2010

Kenyan Careers

Kenyan careers, IT careers, Information Technology jobs in Kenya, vacancies in Kenya. Kenyan career opportunities. Kenyan careers often seem unrealistic with increased mass graduants every year. On the other hand it is and should be seen as a challenge to the government. Most of school leavers in kenya, are usually optimistic of a better job market to exploit their potential but this is not usually the case. Sometimes when I see thousands of fresh graduates come out of college each year, I find it difficult to imagine their life after.

Kenyan careers are preffered by most Kenyans rather than foreign jobs. A good Kenyan career for Kenyans simply means working close to home, who could despute the advantages that comes with living close to home. However Kenyans and the rest of the world for that matter are usually advised to be well prepared after college. Job seekers must understand the basics to survive frustrations.

Kenyan careers does not necessarily mean a good well paid job. For a well prepared job seeker, foreign careers are usually opted for incase existing Kenyan careers market has a huge competition. It is easier to acquire certain international jobs than it is locally. With this in mind, the case should be in the sense that; a Kenyan career is preffered, however an international job will be considered.

Career ambitions should least depend on or consider location, whether in Kenya or abroad, a career is a career. For job seekers who only considers Kenyan careers to be satisfied have to put themselves in a doctors perspective. Ambitions should be related to a calling. A doctor is called apon to work anywhere in the world. Therefore Kenyan career are good but foreign opportunities should be considered.
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