Friday, September 10, 2010

IT Careers

IT careers, information technology careers, available IT Career opportunities, IT career basics. With the most advancing sector of IT, creation of career opportunities continues to be the most beneficial of all elements that come alongside information technology advancement. IT careers are embraced by most students in Kenyan institutions with the great potential anticipated in future. As population increases world wide, demand for career opportunities increases and in most cases shortages are experienced for available career opportunities.

In the previous years, the business sector solely was responsible for creating career opportunities to students leaving training institutions. However the business sector seem to be over exploited and which is not the case thus the emergence of information technology or IT careers. IT careers are backed up with the continued innovation in the information technology sector. Kenyan careers are dominated by the government sector; the Kenyan government being the largest creator of career opportunities. This status will soon be overturned as most Kenyan businessess are investing in the information technology sector.

One could easily ask of the types of careers likely to be created or available in the information technology category. The most common IT careers comes from the communication sector. Mobile phone communication sector has employed more job seekers in the previous years than anticipated.

Just to highlite, IT careers includes the common system analyst, database administratoq, web designer, programmer, help support assistant and so on. The available courser to train in the information technology field includes; information technology, computer studies, computer science, computer engineering and software engineering.Find more about Technology information and its impact
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  1. Technology in Africa going to a new level, the introduction of paying electriity bill by Mpesa system brings Africa to a whole new level.